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Whiteboard Frequently asked questions

Who can use Whiteboard? Whiteboard is currently available to all students and employees. Externals are currently unable to participate in a Whiteboard. Can I collaborate on Whiteboard? Yes, you can! Open the Whiteboard you want to collaborate on. In the right corner, click Share Icon. Then select the Deal link  >  copy and send to […]


Get started with the new Whiteboard

Find Whiteboard Open your browser and go to In the panel to the left, click on the icon at the bottom More applications. Choose Whiteboard. Whiteboard portal After you’ve clicked on Whiteboard you will get to Whiteboard portal. You’ll se all of your current Whiteboards. Click on Create a new Whiteboard to create a […]


How to find and install Whiteboard

Whiteboard is available in different versions; a web app, a desktop app for Windows and a mobile app for iOS. Find the Whiteboard Web App To access Whiteboard on the Web: Go to the university website for Office 365 Log in with your Umu ID and password You will find an icon for Whiteboard in […]


Frequently asked questions about Teams

Meetings in Teams Will Skype be phased out? Yes, Microsoft will eventually stop updating Skype and only invest in Microsoft Teams. At this time, it is only possible to use Teams for calls within the university. If you need to call someone outside of the university, use Skype until further notice. How many people can […]


Tips for a successful team in Teams

Create a good base structure What is the main reason for the team?  What does the group need?  Which channels will you have?  ….to start with and why? Choosing the correct rights and permissions Decide which rights and permissions each member will have with regards to channels, messages and tabs. Always create at least two […]