About the wireless network at Umeå University

The following wireless networks (SSID) are available everywhere there the wireless network has been expanded

  •  eduroam Umeå University recommends surfing using the eduroam network. It is a safe, easy and free wifi that works at hundreds of universities, airports and train stations across the world.
    For information regarding installation and configuration of eduraom see Relaterade länkar
  • Umu wifi precursor to eduroam
  • UmU wlan unencrypted guest network
  • ADM encrypted network for Umeå principality and its employees.

With the exception of the main campus, UmU’s wireless network has been built out at:
* NUS (including Lycksele and Skellefteå)
* UmU:s facilities in Ö-vik
* the Art campus
* Polis school at Umeå business park
* Umeå Library
* Umeå airport (only eduroam)
* Folkets Hus

Information is also available where you can find eduroam throughout Europe via the following map