Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a service that gives you increased protection when logging in to some of the university’s systems. With multi-factor authentication, you log in to the university’s systems in two steps: using your Umu-id and password, and using the Microsoft Authenticator app on your phone or tablet. In this guide, we will describe step-by-step how to enable multi-factor authentication (MFA) for your Umu-id.
Please observe that the steps can look a bit different than the images, depending on which type of unit you are using (iPhone, Android or iPad).
Note! If you change your mobile unit, you have to activate multi-factor authentication on the new device before you reset you old phone. If you lose your phone you have to contact Service desk and legitimize yourself to get a one-time-code to log in and activate MFA on the new device.

Tip! We recommend that you perform the steps in a browsers private function.
See the manual Open a private browser window if you are unsure on how to do that.

📱 Indicates that the step should be performed on you smart phone.
đź’» Indicates that the step should be performed with computers browser.

  1. 📱 Download the Microsoft Authenticator app to your phone or tablet. Make sure that the icon looks like below and that the app is from Microsoft Corporation.
  2. đź’» Open your browser and go to:
  3. đź’» Log in with your and password. You will then receive the message below:
    Multifactor authentication login Office 365
  4. đź’» Select Next.
  5. 💻 The next screen will ask you to download the Microsoft Authenticator app. Click Next.
    Install Authenticator on device
  6. đź’» In the next screen, click Next.
    Set up account Authenticator
  7. đź’» A screen now appears that asks you to scan a QR code. Keep the screen open while you take out your mobile unit.
    Scan Qr code Authenticator
  8. 📱 Start the Microsoft Authenticator app on your mobile unit.
  9. 📱 Click on the plus sign in the upper right corner of the screen to add an account.
    Microsoft Authenticator add acount
  10. 📱 Select the account type Arbets- eller skolkonto (work or school account).
    Microsoft Authenticator arbets- eller skolkonto
  11. 📱 In the window that appears, select Scan QR Code.
    Microsoft Authenticator adding account
  12. 📱 Use your mobile or tablet to scan the QR code shown on the computer screen. Click Next.
    Scan Qr code Authenticator
  13. đź’» A message will be shown, stating that Microsoft Authenticator has been connected to your account. Click Next.
  14. đź’» In the next screen you will be asked to test the application.
    Test the application Authenticator
  15. 📱 At the same time the Microsoft Authenticator app on your mobile unit will receive a notification asking you to accept the login. Click Accept on your mobile unit.
  16. đź’» Your screen will now show a confirmation of the test. Click Next.
    Notification approved Authenticator
  17. You have now activated multi-factor authentication for your Umu-id! Your standard login method is set to using a code from Microsoft Authenticator. Click Done.