Adjust setting in Forms

In this manual we describe how to adjust the settings in Forms including both for a form or quiz.

  1. Open the form where you want to adjust the settings.
  2. Select the three dots in the upper right corner and then Settings.
    adjust settings in forms, find settings buttom
  3. A menu will open. Here you can adjust who will be to fill out the form, options for answers and respond receipts. We will go through them below. (In the picture below, the standard options are filled in).
    all settings overview

Option for quiz

This setting only applies to quizzes.

  1. Select the button to decide if the results will be showed automatically.
    adjust settings in forms - option for quiz

Who can fill out this form

  1. Choose Anyone can respond if you want anyone with the link to be able to respond and that login will not be required. This option guarantees that the respondents will be anonymous.
  2. Choose Only people in my organization can respond if you only want people with an Umu-ID to be able to respond. This option gives you two more settings.
    • Choose Record name if you want to see who has responded, this means that the participants will not be anonymous.
    • Choose One response per person to only allow one response from each respondent.
  3. Choose Specific people in my organization can respond if you want to choose who, with an Umu-ID, that will be able to respond. This option gives you the same two settings as described above.
    adjust settings in forms - who can fill out this form

Options for responses

  1. Select Accept responses to allow people to fill out the form or quiz. If you do not accept responses, you can write a message that will be shown to anyone who tries to fill it out.
  2. Choose a Start and End date for submission of answers. You can also enter an exact time if you want.
  3. Select Shuffle questions to randomize the order of the questions for the respondents.
  4. Select Show progress bar if you want the respondents to see how far they have gotten when they are filling out a form or quiz. (Only available for multi-page forms or quizzes).
  5. Select Customize thank you message if you want to add a message that will be shown when respondents have submitted their answers.
    adjust settings in Forms - options for responses

Response receipts

  1. Select Allow receipt of responses after submission if you want respondents to be able to receive a copy of their responses which they, for example can print out.
  2. Select Get email notification of each response if you want to receive a notification each time someone submits a response.
    adjust settings in Forms - Response receipts