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Publish your personal page in the staff directory

​When you publish your presentation text, profile picture or your own DiVA listings, it is important that you scroll back to the top of your profile page so you can see the Publish profile button. It is this button that publishes your changes, so use it! Your profile page will not be published when you… Once you’ve […]

Update your presentation text in staff directory

Log in and go to your profile page via your organization’s list of faculty and staff. Short presentation text The short presentation text is displayed in staff directory lists and on your own personal page. In this field, you can only add plain text – there are no formatting possibilities, links, etc. The appropriate length […]

Upload a new photo on your personal page

If you wish to change your picture, you can do so via your profile page. Photo dimensions and file formats The new image will be cropped in the following dimensions: Width: 180 pixels Height: 230 pixels The acceptable file formats are: jpg, jpeg, gif and png. The file extensions must be written in lower case. […]