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Configure Outlook on Windows with M365 account

This guide shows you how to set up an account for the first time with a AD-connected Windows computer. Do notice that the guide bellow is done with Office 365 If you are using an older verison of Office (2013,2016,2019) then these steps could look different, the recommendation from UMU is to upgrade your Office […]

Configure Outlook on MacOS with M365 account

1. Start Outlook and enter your emailadress. 2. Enter UMUid@ad.umu.se, ex abcd1234@ad.umu.se and click Next. 3. You should now be redirected, enter you password for your UMUid and click Sign in. 4. If you have MFA activated, confirm the login on your device. 5. Your account should be ready for use, click the red button […]