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AdobeCC Login

The new AdobeCC programs will require login. 1. When the message pops up asking for you to log in click on Sign in with an Enterprise ID and write your Umu-id@umu.se (for example abcd0002@umu.se). 2. Choose Enterprise ID if the following screen appears. 3. Choose Umeå universitet 4. Sign in with you Umu-id 5. You are […]

Install eduroam for MacOS (Umu wifi)

This guide will show you how to use Ciscos program to connect to eduroam on campus. Note you must be on the Umeå University’s campus and have connection to Umu wifi to be able to complete this guide. The quide will not work at NUS. 1. In the wifi menu choose  Umu wifi. 2. Start […]