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Connect with a video conferencing system to Zoom

If you have Zoom installed on your computer and you are logged in with Umeå University login information. Step 1. Start a Zoom meeting with the Zoom program by clicking on ” New Meeting” Steg 2. Invite meeting attendees to the meeting by clicking on ”Invite” Steg 3. Click on the tab called ”Invite a […]

Anti-spam UmU

At UmU we use an antivirus/antispam filter that removes most incoming mail. An ordinary day in March 2019, about 900,000 emails were received by the University, of which approximately 888,000 are immediately stopped because the server/address that sent the email has been classified someone who sends spam.   Then the remaining mail is analyzed and about […]

Clear cache files in your web browser (PC)

To be sure that you se the latest version of the web page in your browser, it is recommended that you empty the cache files before you surf to a specific page. Cache files contain information from web pages you have visited in order for them to re-load faster next time you visit them. Chrome […]

Installation of VPN client Windows

This guide assumes that you have a VPN account at Umeå University. If you do not have one, you can order it at https://administrationsverktyg.umu.se/Vpn To install the client on a computer with Windows do the following: Open a web browser and surf to https://vpn.umu.se 1. Log in with your login for your VPN-account (Umu-id or VPN-user). 2. […]