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Connect with a video conferencing system to Zoom

If you have Zoom installed on your computer and you are logged in with Umeå University login information. Step 1. Start a Zoom meeting with the Zoom program by clicking on ” New Meeting” Steg 2. Invite meeting attendees to the meeting by clicking on ”Invite” Steg 3. Click on the tab called ”Invite a […]

Inviting members to a team or channel in Teams

Note!  It is possible to invite both internatl and external members at the same time. Inviting an internal member Find the team that members will be invited to. Choose the 3 dots to the right of the Team name and then choose  Add member. Search for and choose the persons name from the list and […]

Creating a channel in Teams

Go in to the team you wish to create a channel in. Choose the 3 dots to the right of the name  Add channel Note that your Teams can look different, especially in colour and layout Choose a name and description for your channel. You can also choose if the channel should be available to […]

Office 365 for staff FAQ

How do I login to Office 365? Surf to o365.umu.se and login with your UmU-id and password.  What is Office 365? Office 365 is Microsofts name for their “cloud” services.  It is a collection of programs that exists “in the cloud” and is not installed on your computer.  It is located on a server on […]

Tips for a good working “Team”

Create a good base structure What is the main reason for the team?  What does the group need?  Which channels will you have?  ….to start with and why? Choosing the correct rights and permissions Decide which rights and permissions each member will have with regards to channels, messages and tabs. Always create at least two […]

Create a “team” in Teams

Open Teams.  You will find Teams as an app in your computer, or via att log in to Office 365 in your web browser.   Log in with your Umu-id.  Log in to Office 365  In the menu choose  ”Teams” From the menu on the left hand side choose “Teams” To Join a team or create […]

Install CopyPrint to an AD connected computer

To install Umu-copyprint to a computer that is already connected to the AD domain: 1. Click on Start (Windows-logo).           2. Type in \\umu-copyp-spool.ad.umu.se\UmU-copyprint       3. Choose Open from the dialog window that comes up. 4. The Drivers for the printer should automatically install and an icon (with the […]

What is DIP?

DataInsamlingsPlatform/DataCollectionPlatform (DIP) is a service/platform for users who have large amounts of information and/or have high IT security requirements. DataCollectionPlatform helps users who need to collect, process, analyze and store/archive information. This service includes: Ability to collect information via web and/or mobile, csv files and survey tools User can use, for example, PowerBI, SPSS or […]