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How do I print from the CopyPrint webpage?

In your web browser go to the following link: https://copyprint.umu.se Log in with your UmU-id and PIN-kod. If you are using a Guest card, use the loggin with the 6 digits that are printed on the right hand side of the card as the user name.  The password is your Organisation number.             […]

How do I get my UmU card?

Students and employees who are admitted or employed will automatically receive an e-mail about how to apply for the UmU card. As a new student at Umeå University, you need to activate your UmU-id before you can get the UmU card. An e-mail will be sent to your student e-mail account (xxx@student.umu.se), which you can access […]

Student mail in your iPhone

To setup email on your iPhone/iPad 1. In Settings -> Mail -> Accounts. 2. Choose Add Account. 3. Choose Exchange. 4. Fill in your whole email address and a description of what you want the account to be named, then click on Next. 5. Write in your password and then click on Next. 6. Under Server, write in outlook.office365.com 7. Under Domain – leave this line blank. 8. Under Username write in […]

Student mail in your Android phone

To be able to access your email account on your telephone (@student.umu.se) Go in under Settings -> Accounts -> Email & app accounts. Choose Add an account. Choose Exchange. Type in your whole email address and click on Next. Type in outlook.office365.com under Server and fill in your Umu-id followed by @ad.umu.se Click on Next and then Save.

Configure email for iPhone

To setup email on your iPhone/iPad 1. In Settings -> Password & Accounts or E-mail depending on the version of iOS. 2. Add Account and choose Exchange 3. Fill in your whole email address and a description of what you want the account to be named, then click on Next. 4. Chose Configure Manually 5. Write in your password and then click on […]

How do I activate my UmU-id?

https://administrationsverktyg.umu.se/Kontoaktivering/ Activation guide You can, as employee, student or associate to Umeå University activate your Umu-id.  The activation guide has instructions and helps you activate your account (and thereafter print out your newly created account information). You can activate with help of a temporary identity that you should have received, or, as a student, with […]

Forward student email to my private address

These instructions are for those who wish to forward their email to a private email address. Login to  http://o365.umu.se Klick on the ‘gear‘ icon in the top right hand corner. On the left menu system choose ‘organize email’ then Create a new rule for arriving messages. Here you choose the name for your rule, which […]

Install eduroam for Windows 10 (Umu wifi)

This guide will show you how to use Ciscos program to connect to eduroam on campus. Note you must be on Umeå University’s campus and have connection to Umu wifi to be able to complete this guide. 1. Open wireless connection and connect to Umu wifi. 2. Write in your Umu-ID (umu-id@ad.umu.se) and password, klick […]