Install CopyPrint to an AD connected computer

To install Umu-copyprint to a computer that is already connected to the AD domain:

1. Click on Start (Windows-logo).






2. Type in \\\UmU-copyprint




3. Choose Open from the dialog window that comes up.

4. The Drivers for the printer should automatically install and an icon (with the name UmU-copyprint) for the printers queue should show up under your Control Panel/Printers

Remember! If you have an old CopyPrint printer you can remove it.   (the old printer will be named UmU_Copyprint).

When you print out a document, it will first appear to be “paused” in the printer queue.  But go to the printer and you should be able to print it out.

How do I print from the CopyPrint webpage?

In your web browser go to the following link:

Log in with your UmU-id and PIN-kod. If you are using a Guest card, use the loggin with the 6 digits that are printed on the right hand side of the card as the user name.  The password is your Organisation number.
















Once logged in you come direct to a page where you can choose to upload a document for printing.

The documents you upload will be placed in a printing queue.  You can later choose which document(s) you wish to print out.

Once logged in you can also see the printing queue, as well as you can delete a document from your queue

Click on Upload a new document or image

A window will open (regular ”windows explorer”) where you can choose which document you wish to upload.  Click on Print.

To see your printer queue, click on “My Jobs“.  It is there you can also mark and delete any document from your queue.


















Under History you can see all of the printouts you have used and the cost of them.

Under My Account you can see how much money you have left if your account.