Remote support with ITS

Information on how to prepare for remote support via TeamViewer.

Email for students FAQ

An FAQ about the student email.

Install eduroam manually

A collection of guides for different operating systems on how to connect to eduroam manually.

Add and remove members from a SharePoint teamsite

In this manual, we’ll show you how to add and remove members from a SharePoint team site. Note that you must be the owner of the SharePoint team site to add and remove members.

  1. Go to the SharePoint team site you want to add or remove members.
  2. Click on members in the right corner below your profile.
    add or remove members from a sharepoint group - click on members
  3. Click Add members to add new members to the SharePoint group. (A new box comes up, type in the email address of the person you want to invite).
  4. Click on the Arrow below the person you want to remove, and then select Remove from Group.
    view on where to add or remove members from a sharepoint group

Prepare and create Breakout rooms before a Teams meeting

In this manual, we describe how you as a meeting organizer use breakout rooms in Teams to create meaningful discussions and exchange of ideas. **Observe** that to use Breakout rooms, you need to use the Desktop application for Teams.


We recommend that you prepare your Breakout rooms before the Teams meeting. It is only the meeting organizer (the person sending out the booking) who can do this. (You can create your Breakout rooms directly in the Teams meeting – see this manual). To prepare the Breaout rooms before the meeting, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Teams calendar and double-click the meeting booking that you want to create group rooms within.
    eams calendar and double-click the meeting booking that you want to create group rooms within.
  2. Click Breakout rooms. (If you don’t see a Breakout rooms, click more and select Breakout room)
  3. Click on Create room
    Click Breakout rooms and create rooms
  4. Click the Arrow and select how many rooms you want and than click Add Rooms. (You can change the number of rooms later, don’t worry).
    Click the Arrow and select how many rooms you want and than click Add Rooms.
  5. Now it is time to assign participants in the rooms you’ve created. Click Assign Attendees.
    assign participants in the rooms you've created. Click Assign Attendees.
  6. Select Automatically to automaticly assign particpants to the number of rooms (in this case, 2 rooms) you’ve created.
  7. Select Manually to choose which room the participants should be in.
  8. Click Next
    Select Automatic to automatically or manually assigning atendees
  9. If you selected automatically go to point 12.
  10. If you chose manually, then it is now time to choose which room the people should be in. All people invited to the meeting are gathered in a list. Select the check box next to the person, and then click the Arrow, and then select which room.
    Assign participants to break outs
  11. Continue the same way with the other people, and then click Assign. It might look like this:
    Assign participants to break outs, select assign when ready
  12. Now are your rooms ready to use. However, before we will show you how to start the rooms during the Teams meeting, here are some more tips on how to make the rooms better.

Other smart settings before the meeting starts

After you have assigned people you can set more settings, change the number or remove rooms, and rename the rooms.


  1. Click the settings-icon
  2. Click here to assign presenters in the meeting who can help you start, add, or delete people in the breakout rooms during the teams meeting. (A list comes up, type the name of the person you want help from).
  3. Click here to set a specific time limit on the group rooms. (You can select the time in the list below).
  4. Click here to move people automatically to rooms when you click start room in the teams meeting (We recommend that you have this turned on. This means that the people in the rooms are automatically sent out to their rooms when you click “Open” to start the rooms during the teams meeting).
  5. Click here to allow the others to return to the main meeting. (For example, if they want to ask you questions in the main meeting room).Breakout rooms settings view

Add more, remove and renamne rooms

  1. Click here to add more rooms
  2. Click here to remove rooms
  3. Click on three dots and edit to rename the room
    Add more, remove and rename rooms

During the Teems meeting

In the Teams meeting, it’s now time to start the rooms. This only takes a few seconds to do since you have already prepared the rooms.

  1. Click on Room-icon. (**Note** If there are people who joined the meeting after you created the rooms, the people will appear above the Assign Attendees button. Then click Assign Attendees and choose which room that person will be in).
  2. Click Open. (The rooms will then open and it will take about 10 seconds before everyone is sent out to their rooms).
    Start breakout rooms during teams meeting
  3. As a meeting organizer – you who are the owner of the meeting and started the Breakout rooms will stay in the main meeting and the people you have chosen will be sent out into the rooms. To send a message to everyone in the rooms click on the trumpet icon and write your message. For example, “5 minutes left.”.
    make an announcement to the other people in the breakout rooms
  4. You can also assist the people in the rooms or hear how they are doing by joining a specific room. Select the room you want to join and click three dots and Connect to Room.
    join specific breakout room as meeting organizer
  5. It will then look like this. You will have two teams meetings running at the same time. Room 1 (the left) is active and the main meeting (the right) becomes On hold.
  6. Click Leave under Room 1 to leave the Breakout room.
  7. Click Resume on the main meeting to start the main meeting again.
  8. Click Close to close all rooms. (It takes about 10 seconds for everyone to return to the main meeting).
    Navigation between main teams room and breakout room as a meeting organizer

Open a private browser window

Find your shared files in OneDrive

In this manual, we’ll show you how to find the files you share with others through OneDrive, as well as which files are shared to you to your OneDrive.

  1. Go to and log in with your UmU ID.
  2. In the search box, type OneDrive and klick on OneDrive.
    Office portalen sök onedrive välj onedrive
  3. In the left menu, click Shared.
  4. At first you are in the Shared with you – Here you will see files/folders that others share with you.
    Find your shared files in onedrive - shared tab choose shared with you
  5. Select Shared by you – Here you will see files/folders that you share with others.
    Find your shared files in onedrive - shared tab choose shared by you

Change document liberary view in SharePoint

This manual shows you how to change document library view in SharePoint.

  1. In the SharePoint team site, select the Documents tab from the left menu.
  2. Click All Documents.
    Change document liberary view in SharePoint, documents, all documents,
  3. Select Compact List to make your document library more compact. It looks like this:
    change documentliberary view in sharepoint - compact list
  4. Select Tiles to turn the documents into larger icons. It looks like this:
    change documentliberary view in sharepoint - Tiles
  5. Observe! If you change the view within a document library and click on a folder in the same document library, that view will remain enabled. If you click down/update the Internet window instead, the view will return to the default view, i.e. List. This means that if you want to see your documents in for example a panel view all the time, you need to click All Documents and change each time you open a document library. To get the view by default, you must be the adminstrator of the SharePoint team site – create a new view – select the view and click Set Current View by Default. (See next heading).

Create new view

You can also create your own views and make them public to all members of the SharePoint team site.

  1. Select Create New View
    change documentliberary view in sharepoint - create new view

Dialog box appears.

  1. Type a name for your new view.
  2. Choose whether you want list view, calendar view, or Gallery (panel) view.
  3. Check the box to make it public to other members of the SharePoint team site.
  4. When you’re done, click Create.
    chanAge documentliberary view in sharepoint - create new view - choose type of view
  5. Your views are collected under the same All Documents tab. The image below shows that I have created three views.
  6. Select your view
  7. Click Save view as to save your view.
  8. Click Set current view as default to make the view by default when the SharePoint document library is opened. (Note that you must be an administrator to do this).
  9. Click Edit current view to edit the view (for example, delete view, add, or sort columns).
  10. Click Format current view to format view (for example, row styles and rules).
    Change document liberarty view i SharePoint - document - all document - controll your new view

Whiteboard Frequently asked questions

Who can use Whiteboard?

Whiteboard is currently available to all students and employees. Externals are currently unable to participate in a Whiteboard.

Can I collaborate on Whiteboard?

Yes, you can! Open the Whiteboard you want to collaborate on. In the right corner, click the Share Icon. Then  you can type in the name or email of the person you want to share and collaborate with, or choose to copy the link, and send to the person.

Observe that users can currently only collaborate with others within their organization. Microsoft will add options to collaborate with guests outside your organization in the future.

Can I export the result?

Yes, you can export the result to a PNG or SVG. You can also choose to publish to a Team, send to a OneNote, or to an email.

What is the difference between the Whiteboard app and web interface?

Whiteboard has recently been updated. There are no differences between the web and the app.

Where can I find Whiteboard?

There are three ways to find and use Whiteboard. Via the deskapp, the web or integrated in teams. You can find more information in the manual: Download and install whiteboard app

How do I save my Whiteboard?

All your Whiteboards are automatically saved in your Whiteboard Portal.  Go to the Office 365 portal and select Whiteboard.

Can I use templates in Whiteboard?

Yes, templates are available in Whiteboard. Templates makes it easier for you and others to work together in Whiteboard. You can open templates by clicking the Templates button in the left menu. This will display the template gallery, where you can  select a template.

The following categories are available with more to add as you go:

  1. Brainstorming – exploring creative ideas
  2. Problem solving – analyzing and solving problems
  3. Design and research – deepen customer focus
  4. Strategy – move from strategy to execution faster
  5. Project planning – increase productivity and results
  6. Retrospective – get an overview over different catagories
  7. Games – engage and energize groups
  8. Evaluation – reflecting and improving
  9. Workshops – inspire and facilitate groups
  10. Learning – teflecting, comparing and brainstorming

Can I use my fingers to use Whiteboard?

Yes, Whiteboard is compatible with touch, computer mouse, and keyboard.

Can I add pictures to the Whiteboard?

Yes, you can insert pictures on your Whiteboard. Click the Create icon, and then click pictures. Unfortunately, you can’t copy and paste pictures into the Whiteboard you have to save the image to your computer and then upload.

Can I react to sticky notes or text boxes?

No, however, you can create reactions and drag and drop them on your sticky notes or text boxes. On the rightside menu, select reactions. Then you can choose heart, thumbs up or down etc. Drag and drop them in the appropriate place to react to text or sticky notes.

Can I zoom in and out of my Whiteboard?

Yes, you can – the surface is infinite. With the mouse – scroll up and down. With your fingers – pull together or outwards with two fingers.

Can I rename my Whiteboard?

Yes, by going to the Whiteboard portal and then tapping the three dots of the Whiteboard that you want to rename.

Can I remove Whiteboards?

Yes. Go to your Whiteboard portal, click on the three dots of the Whiteboard you want to delete, and then select Delete.

How do I use ink in Whiteboard?

Digital ink is available to everyone, whether you’re using your mouse or pen. The Pen toolbar contains 15 pen colors, 15 highlighters, pen arrows, and different thicknesses.


  1. Select a pen to see the color and thickness in the drop-down list.
  2. Select arrow mode from the drop-down list to turn your ink strokes into arrows.
  3. To draw straight lines, hold down the Shift key while you make ink.
  4. To convert things you draw to shapes, select your ink and select the shape icon from the shortcut menu.

How do I create straight lines?

The previous ruler has been removed. In Whiteboard, you can add straight lines using shapes in the gallery. You can also hold the shift key while you’re drawing to create a straight line.

How do I use mouse and keyboard in my whiteboard?

You can use your mouse and your keyboard by doing one of the following:

  1. To pan the workspace, click it, and then drag the canvas with your mouse. You can also hold down the Ctrl key on the keyboard and use the arrow keys.
  2. To quickly zoom in on the workspace, scroll the mouse wheel up or down (if applicable).
  3. To select an item, click it with your mouse. You can also press the Tab key multiple times until the desired item is selected.
  4. To insert an object, such as a picture or text, click the + icon on the toolbar, and then click on the item you want to add. You can also use the shortcut menu by clicking Shift+F10. Use the arrow keys to select the item you want to add, and then press Enter.
  5. To draw or delete ink, click the ink icon on the toolbar, select a pen or eraser, and then use the mouse to draw on the canvas or remove ink strokes. To use the keyboard to select tools, press the Tab key several times until the pen icon is selected on the toolbar.
  6. To move the ruler when it appears, click it, and then drag the ruler with your mouse. To use the keyboard, click the ruler, and then move it with the arrow keys.
  7. To change the angle of the ruler, hover over the ruler, and then use the scroll wheel — or click to select the ruler, and then hold the Alt key while you press one of the arrow keys on the keyboard.


How do I select, move, and resize content?

  1. When finger painting mode is turned off, you can move objects by selecting it with your finger and easily moving around the canvas.
  2. Select content with your finger or pen — or use the Lasso Selection tool on the toolbar to select multiple items at once. Turn on lasso selection and use the pen to circle the content you want to select. When finger painting mode is enabled for devices that are passive or don’t have a pen, you can turn on Lasso Select and use your finger to dial in content.
  3. If the active pen has a cylinder button, hold down the button to temporarily switch to Lasso Select mode and circle the content to be selected.
  4. When the content is selected, you can move it with your finger or pen. To resize, use two fingers to stretch or minimize the content.

Can I use Whiteboard in the classroom?

Yes, Whiteboard has been designed both for remote learning and in the classroom. In the classroom, students can leave class with a digital version of the whiteboard so they can focus on listening and learning instead of copying content from the whiteboard during class. Teachers can hold more interactive lessons with a shared whiteboard where students can add content or react to content added by others. Whiteboard is a fantastic tool for group projects. All project members can get involved and teachers have the opportunity to observe and provide feedback.

Can I share a Whiteboard where no one else can edit it?

Yes, if you choose whiteboard presentation mode (read-only mode) in Teams meetings, the meeting organizer can choose how to interact with the board. If you choose read-only mode, all other participants will see the whiteboard but without being able to edit. At any time during the meeting, the meeting organizer can switch between read-only mode or allow collaboration from others from the settings menu.

Can I use Whiteboard in a Team meeting?

Yes, Whiteboard is integrated into Teams but can also be used in other digital meeting tools such as Zoom.

Find, create, and delete team sites in SharePoint

This manual describes how to find, create and delete team sites in SharePoint. Note, if you have a Team in Microsoft Teams, you and your team members already have a team site in SharePoint. Team Site=Team

Find SharePoint teams sites

  1. Open your browser and go to the address
  2. Find your way to the panel on the left with all applications. Click at the bottom More applications.
  3. Choose SharePoint
  4. In the menu on the left, click the globe (My Sites). In the list, you’ll see your Team sites.
    Find, create, and delete team sites in SharePoint - choose team site

Create Team site in SharePoint

  1. In the left upper-corner click on the house icon, and than click + Create Site.
    Create Team site in SharePoint - click create site
  2. There are two different types of websites you can create. If the purpose is to create a collaboration area for, for example, a workgroup or project, select Team Site.
    Create Team site in SharePoint - choose team site type
  3. Next, enter the name and description for the team site. Here you also choose whether the site should be private or public and at the bottom which language should be the primary.
  4. Please note that in a private group, you invite the people who will be involved in working on the site. In a public group, everyone at Umeå University can visit the document website. This means that all affiliates, employees and students can connect to public websites without invitation.
    Create Team site in SharePoint - write in name and decription of team site
  5. Invite members and add any additional owners to your team site. You also have the option to do this later.

  6. Your Team site is created.

Delete team site

  1. Go to the site you want to delete. Click the gear wheel in the right corner and select Site information.
    Delete team site - choose site information
  2. A dialog box on the right appears. Select Delete Site.
    Delete team site - choose delete site
  3. A security box appears warning that you are about to delete a SharePoint page. Check the box under “Yes, delete this group and all associated resources” and than click Delete. 
    Delete team site - confirmation box
  4. The SharePoint team site has now been deleted.