Upload and share videos in Stream

Stream is a service where you can upload, view and share videos within Umeå University.

Log in

  1. Sign in on Stream by visiting Streams webpage.
  2. Log in by using your Umu-id and password (nameandnumber@ad.umu.se)

Create a group

By using this function you create a group for your class/course where only students in the specific class/course have access to the material. Note that if you have a team in Microsoft Teams, you and the members already have a group in Stream. You can find your existing groups by clicking on My content and then Groups.

  1. Select Create and then Group.
  2. Select a group name and enter a description of the group.
  3. By default, the group is set to private, and members can contribute with videos to the group. You can change these settings under Edit.
    Private group – only invited members can access the material.
    Public group – the entire university can access the material.
  4. Select Create. Now you can add members by enter a name in the field. When you add a member, you can choose if they will be a member or owner of the group. You can also add members later on.
  5. When you’ve selected members to the group, select Add.

Upload a video

When you’ve created the group, you can upload videos.

  1. Select Create and then Upload video.
  2. Enter a name and a description on your video. You can also enter timecodes which are clickable when viewing the video. For example, 05:25 Reading instructions. This helps to skip between certain parts of the video.
  3. Select video language and optionally a thumbnail.
  4. Next, use the menu that says Permission to select permissions of the video.
  5. Remove the group as owner of the video. Otherwise, the group members can edit the video, change access etc. In Options, you can also remove the ability to comment the video if you like.
  6. Select Publish.

Share videos

  1. Select My content and then Videos. Here you can see all the material you have uploaded.
  2. To share a link to a video, click on the three dots ans then Share.
  3. Here you can Copy the link to the video and place it in a document or on the learning platform. This way, the recipients can easily click on the link and access the video.

Note that the recipients have to be members of the group to see the video. The recipients need to sign in with their Umu-id and password to gain access.