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Student mail in your Android phone

To be able to access your email account on your telephone (@student.umu.se)

  1. Go in under Settings -> Accounts -> Email & app accounts.
  2. Choose Add an account.
  3. Choose Exchange.
  4. Type in your whole email address and click on Next.
  5. Type in outlook.office365.com under Server and fill in your Umu-id followed by @ad.umu.se
    Click on Next and then Save.

I can’t find my course in Moodle

If you do not find your course in the central Moodle (https://www.moodle.umu.se) website,
courses can also be found on one of our other Moodle servers here at the university or Cambro (https://www.cambro.umu.se)

Dept. of Education – https://studera.pedag.umu.se/
Police Education – https://polis.pedag.umu.se/
TFE – http://www.moodle2.tfe.umu.se/

How do I download and install Office365?

As a student or employee of Umeå University you have access to the Microsoft Office 365 package.  Included in the package are Word, Excel, PowerPoint as well as other programs.
This software is for Windows, MacOS as well as telephone/tablet.

1. In your internet browser, surf to o365.umu.se and login with your UmU-id@ad.umu.se
2. Choose Office 365 in the upper black menu bar.
3. Download the software via Install Office
4. Once the installation is finished start, ex. Word and click on Log in
5. Use Umu-id@ad.umu.se as the login.


How do I activate my UmU-id?


Activation guide

You can, as employee, student or associate to Umeå University activate your Umu-id.  The activation guide has instructions and helps you activate your account (and thereafter print out your newly created account information).

You can activate with help of a temporary identity that you should have received, or, as a student, with help of your https://www.universityadmissions.se/intl/start account.


With activation of your Umu-id, your AD-account is automatically activated with the same password as your Umu-id and your email address is created – normally in the syntax  {firstname}.{lastname}@umu.se


It is slightly different for students than for staff/associates.  First of all, a student AD-account is activated automatically together with their Umu-id and password is intially set as the same for both accounts.

Access to wireless guest network at Umeå University

The guide assumes that you have received a guest account for the wireless network at Umeå University.

  1. Make sure Wi-Fi is running on your computer, smartphone or tablet.
  2. Select the network (SSID) UmU wlan.
  3. Start a web browser and you will get to a login page. If the login page does not come up, write http://administrationsverktyg.umu.se/Netlogon
  4. Logga in (Log in). If you are employed or student use your Umu-id.


  • If you your computer goes into sleep mode then you will be logged out.
  • Turn off proxy setting if it is on.

Forward student email to my private address

These instructions are for those who wish to forward their email to a private email address.

Login to  http://o365.umu.se

Klick on the ‘gear‘ icon in the top right hand corner.

On the left menu system choose ‘organize email’ then Create a new rule for arriving messages.

Here you choose the name for your rule, which message(s) it should apply to and the conditions it applies to (for example, forward message to…)

In the box that opens, write in the email address or search after a person or email address you wish the message(s) to be sent to.

Click on Save.  Choose YES, then OK

You have now created a rule that forwards all email to another address.  This rule appears in your list with a check mark beside it stating that the rule is now enforced.

O365 for iPhone/iPad

As a student you have access to the Office-package during your study time.  That package includes, amongst other things, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

1. The package is available via App Store
2. Download and install the package from App Store (each program must be downloaded separately)
3. When the installation is finished you can start one of the programs  (ex Word) by clicking on Login
4. Use your Umu-id@ad.umu.se as a login.

Office 365 for Android telephones/tablets

As a student you have access to the Office-package during your study time.  That package includes, amongst other things, Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The package is available via your apps download program (ex. Google Play, Windows Store).

  1. Download and install the package from your App Store (ex. Google Play, Windows Store)
  2. When the installation is finished you can start one of the programs  (ex Word) by clicking on Login
  3. Use your Umu-id@ad.umu.se as a login.


Install eduroam for Windows 10 (Umu wifi)

This guide will show you how to use Ciscos program to connect to eduroam on campus.
Note you must be on Umeå University’s campus and have connection to Umu wifi to be able to complete this guide.

1. Open wireless connection and connect to Umu wifi.

2. Write in your Umu-ID (umu-id@ad.umu.se) and password, klick on Sign On.
If you do not receive the question to ‘log in’, start your broser and open, for example, http://www.umu.se. You will then be redirected to the correct page.

3. Click on Start.

4. Write in your information about your telephone and click on Continue.

5. Ciscos installation program will download. Choose to run it via clicking on Run.

Answer Yes if any questions are asked.

6. Click on Start.

7. Click on Yes.

8. When you see the below picture your computer should be connected to eduroam.
If your computer does not automatically connect, go back to wireless networks and choose ‘connect to eduroam’.