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What is eduroam?

What is eduroam

eduroam (spelt with a lower case e) is a collaboration between colleges and universities around the world to make it easier for staff and students to use each others wireless networks. A student, or staff member in eduroam can, with use of their username from their home college or university, log in to a wireless network at another college or university that is already connected to eduroam.  Their motto is “Open your laptop and be online”.

eduroam stands for Education Roaming and is uses RADIUS and the standard 802.1x to relay information about users from the Identity Authority (the users home college or university) out to a client distributor (another college or university that also uses that type of wireless network).

The preferences we use here at Umeå University are WPA2-Enterprise with EAP-TLS.  Users must download and install both client certificates to be able to use eduroam. Directions on how to do this (for the most common operating systems) is available here:  https://manual.its.umu.se/en/?s=eduroam
eduroam’s coverage and coverage is available in all UmU bases.

Besides Umeå University, eduroam is available at a number of other colleges and universities in Sweden and around the world. For a Sweden map about eduroam click here: www.eduroam.se. You can zoom in and out on the map to get more detailed information about where eduroam is in your area.

For other coverage within Europe, please check out the Europe map: https://monitor.eduroam.org/map_service_loc.php
You can read more about eduroam here: http://www.eduroam.org/

About the wireless network at Umeå University

The following wireless networks (SSID) are available everywhere there the wireless network has been expanded

  •  eduroam Umeå University recommends surfing using the eduroam network. It is a safe, easy and free wifi that works at hundreds of universities, airports and train stations across the world.
    For information regarding installation and configuration of eduraom see these dokuments
  • Umu wifi precursor to eduroam
  • UmU wlan unencrypted guest network
  • ADM encrypted network for Umeå principality and its employees.

With the exception of the main campus, UmU’s wireless network has been built out at:
* NUS (including Lycksele and Skellefteå)
* UmU:s facilities in Ö-vik and Skellefteå
* the Art campus
* Polis school at Umeå business park
* Umeå Library
* Umeå airport (only eduroam)
* Folkets Hus

Information is also available where you can find eduroam throughout Europe via the following map

How to get started with eduroam

If you have Windows, Mac, iPhone, or Android and have access to the Umu wifi wireless network.

If you do not have access to Umu wifi or have another operating system, eduroam is installed manually.