Create and manage group forms

You can create, manage, and delete forms in an existing group (team) in the same way as in your personal Forms portal.

  1. Go to Sign in with your Umu-ID.
  2. Select Forms in the left menu. If you cannot see it there, select All applications and then Forms. 
  3. Scroll down to My groups where you can see all groups (teams) you are a member in and the number of forms within that group.
  4. Select the group you want to enter. If you cannot see your group, select Show more to see all your groups.
    Create and mange group forms - my groups
  5. You will enter the group´s Forms portal (in this case Project A). Here you can see the members of the group and the existing forms.
  6. Select New group quiz to create a quiz that will be shared in the group or select the arrow and then New group form to create a form instead.
  7. Select All forms to see all the group´s forms.
  8. Select Deleted forms to see the forms that have been deleted in the group.
    Create and mange group form - group form - full decription