Download and install Zoom on iOS (iPhone/iPad)

This guide shows how to install Zoom on iOS (iPhone/iPad)

  • Go to App Store on the device and search for the app “Zoom Cloud meetings”
  • Choose Download
  • Then open the app Zoom Cloud meetings by pressing home button and then click the icon Zoom.
  • Choose Sign in
  • Choose to log in with SSO
  • Type umu in the field company domain
  • Choose OK
  • The log in page for UmuId at Umeå University will now open
    Type your UmuId and password
    Choose OK

  • Choose Open
  • Then decide if you want to allow Zoom to have access to your calendar.
  • Decide if you want to enable Siri
  • Decide if you want to enable Zoom to send notifications
  • You have now completed the installation of Zoom.