Embedding pictures in LimeSurvey survey questions

To embed a picture within a survey question do the following:

1.  Edit the question and then click into the “question” text field.  Click the HTML Editor button (the pencil on the right hand side).

The HTML Text editor will open.

2.  Click on the load image button.

3.  A new window will open showing Image Properties.  Click on Browse Server to find them image you wish to upload.

4:  If the image already exists in your library go to Step 6.

If not, you must upload the picture you wish to insert to the server.  Click the Green arrow Upload button.

5: Your File Explorer will open and you can locate the picture you wish to upload. If you want multiple pictures click to mark all the pictures you wish to upload to the server.  Then click on “Open” to upload them to the server.
You should now see all of your uploaded pictures in your LimeSurvey library.

6. Double Click on the picture you wish to insert from your File Library.  It will appear in your HTML Editor.  Remember, the picture could be too big for the program so you have to adjust the properties of the picture so that it fits into the Preview window.

Click OK to accept your changes.

7.  You should now see your picture in the HTML Editor.  Remember to click on the Save button to save the changes to your picture.
The HTML Editor can then be closed and you can continue with the next question in LimeSurvey.