Empty Box and move files to a shared library in Sharepoint

Instructions for moving files and folders from Box to a shared library in Sharepoint and emptying Box.

You can use a shared library in Sharepoint to store files and folders that you want to share with other people. Remember that you may not store files that contain sensitive personal information, confidentiality or are security protected in either Box or Sharepoint.

If you have already moved the files from box to your computer, skip to step 9.

  1. Log in to Box. Go to umu.account.box.com/login and log in.
  2. You see a view of all your files
  3. Select all files by pressing the ctrl + A keys on your keyboard.
  4. Click on the “Download” button.
    Note that if you have shared files or folders with other people, the sharing will now disappear. You can share files and folders again in Sharepoint.
  5. A zip file is created with all your files.
  6. Click on the downloaded file and select the option “Show in folder”
  7. The file opens in a separate box. Click on “Extract” at the top and then select “Extract all”.
  8. In the box that appears, first click on “Open the folder when the files have been extracted” and then select “Extract”. Once you have done this, you have your files from Box in a regular folder locally on your computer. Do not close the folder, you will soon use it again.

    Now it is  time to create a shared library in Sharepoint.
  9. Open your browser and log in to your Office 365 with your Umu ID.
    Log in to Office 365
  10. Choose OneDrive to access your file area.
  11. To create a shared library in Sharepoint, select “Skapa ett delat  bibliotek”/”Create a shared library” under the menu on the left.
  12. Choose a name and write a short description of what the library’s purpose is.
  13. When you have selected a name, the view will change. The shared library will be assigned its own email address and search path. You can ignore these functions for now.
  14. Under the description, you can select privacy settings and language.
    We recommend that you choose Private, the files are then only available to invited people. In public, anyone within Umeå University can view your files and documents.

  15. 23. The last step is to click “OK” when the system asks if you want to delete.
    24. Your files have now been removed from Box and moved to Sharepoint.