Frequently asked questions about Whiteboard

Whiteboard FAQ

Who can use Whiteboard?

Whiteboard is available to all students and staff at Umeå University. It is currently not possible to invite external participants to participate in a Whiteboard.

Can we work on the whiteboard at the same time?

Yes you can! In Whiteboard you can work together, in real time, on your whiteboard.

Can I export the results?

Yes, it is possible to export the result to PNG or SVG. You can also choose to publish in a team, send to a OneNote or send it by email.

Do I have to use the web interface?

No, there is an app to download for Windows and iOS.

Why can I not see the templates that my colleague has mounted on the Whiteboard?

You probably use different versions of Whiteboard. To be able to take part of all the material you all need to use the downloaded app.

Where can I find Whiteboard?

There are several versions of Whiteboard to use. You will find more information in the manual for how to get and install Whiteboard.

Get/download Whiteboard

How do I save my Whiteboard?

Your Whiteboard is saved automatically and is available on the “Home page” for Whiteboard.