Google Apps is shutting down – what do I do?

Umeå University phase out the use of Google Apps until march 31 2022. This means that if you use Google Apps today you have to move all of your material and choose another service for your cooperation, communication and storing of files and material.

The university has decided to phase out Google Apps due to the fact that there is no Personal Data Processing Agreements for Google Apps. The university can’t fullfil the General Data Protection Regulation. Instead, the university decided to recommend Office 365 as the main service for cooperation, communication and storing and share files.

How to move from Google Apps

Down below we describe what you as a user of Google Apps need to do to move your material from Google Apps to another service.

  • If you forward you email from your Umu-id-mail to you Gmail you have to stop doing that.
  • If you need help or get problem you can always contact ServiceDesk.
  • Tip! Start by inventing and sort your files or material before the export. Reflect over what files can be deleted and what you need to save. This makes the export a lot easier and hopefully shorter.

Where and how do I export my material?

  • We recommend you as a student to move your material on Google Apps to a private google account. Here is a manual for how to do that.
  • If you have a large amount of material on gApps and want to find a new service to store your files you can use Google Takeout. Google TakeOut is a program that helps you download your files to your computer, so that you later can upload the material in the service you’ve chosen.
  • If you don’t want to save the material on your own computer or on a private google account you can upload your material in the service that is recommended by the university, Office 365. Are you aware of that you as a student have free access to all apps in Office 365? You have apps that makes it easier to store files, you have a calendar and email, you can take notes and cooperate with your friend and much more. Read more about Office 365 here.

Remember that the export takes either a few minutes or several days depending on the amount of material that’s being exported.

How do I know which app to use in Office 365?

  • Have you used Google Drive? Then you can use OneDrive in Office 365.
  • Have you used Gmail och Google Calendar? You have both mail and calendar in Outlook in Office 365.
  • Have you used Google Documents, Sheets or Slides? Then you can use Word, Excel and PowerPoint in Office 365.
  • Have you used Google Meet, Groups or Hangouts? You have all these functions in Teams in Office 365.
  • Have you used Google Forms or Jamboard? Then you can use Forms and Whiteboard in Office 365.
  • Have you used Google Sites? Then you can use SharePoint in Office 365.


Frequently asked questions about Google Apps

 I’m not interested in keeping the material I’ve stored in Google Apps, do I have to do anything then?
No, then you don’t have to do anything.

I want to start a new digital cooperation, which service should I use?
Umeå University recommend you to use Office 365 as the main service for digital meetings and cooperation.

I have a colleague that uses Google Apps but hasn’t the ability to export the material, how do we do?
If you have colleagues or employees that hasn’t the ability to export the material this should be handled by your institution’s routines. Contact ServiceDesk with a request to get access to the colleagues material by telling them the colleagues Umu-id, the chef or the head of the department has to approve the request. The chef needs to decide what to do with the material of colleagues that doesn’t work at the university anymore, have died or are sick long-term.

Will it be possible to demand out a copy of my material after Google Apps is avvecklad?
No. There will be no backup of the material because of the large amount of material that’s saved within the university’s system. The material that is still on Google Apps after march 31 2022 will be deleted.

How long time will the export take?
There is no guarantees or guidelines for how long the export will take. Start your export in good time to make sure that you have time to export. Depending on how much material you have, it can take either a few minutes or several days.