Download and install Microsoft Office 365 (Mac)

As a student or employee of Umeå University you have access to the Microsoft Office 365 package. Included in the package are Word, Excel, PowerPoint as well as other programs.
This software is for Windows, MacOS as well as telephone/tablet.

  1. In your internet browser, surf to and login with your
  2. When your logged in into Office 365, click on Install Office and then Office 365 applications.
  3. You may get a question asking if you want to accept the download, click Accept.
  4. Now you can choose between Open with installer or mark Save files and then click OK.
  5. If you chose Open with installer you need to open it from Finder and then click Continue.
  6. Then click Accept and then Install.
  7. Write your username and password for your computer, and then Install.
  8. After the installation is ready and you’ve closed the installer, Microsoft AutoUpdate will probably be started automatically. If there are any available updates, click on Update and close the app until it’s finished.
  9. Start an app, for example Word, via Launchpad to activate office.
  10. Click on login and write your Umu-id and then Next.
  11. Done!