Install eduroam for iPhone/iPad (Manually)

This manual will guide you how to connect to eduroam on an iPhone (and iPad) after manual installation of the required certificates.

NOTE! Make sure you have updated iOS/iPadOS to version 15.2 before following this guide.

Step 1

You need to be connected to the internet. If you have 4G/5G you are all set but if you need a temporary internet connection we recommend you connect to the network UmU wlan.

Step 2

Open Safari and go to and click Login.
You will be forwarded to the Umeå University login page. Sign in with you Umu-id and password.

Step 3 – Create certificate

To create your certificate click on Create certificate 1️⃣.
On the page after that you need to give it a comment 2️⃣.
Type whatever you want, for example iPhone, and then click the Create certificate button 3️⃣.
A circular progress animation will let you know that your certificate is being created 4️⃣.

Step 4 – Certificate created

After a while you will see the Certificate created page that has the password for your personal certificate 1️⃣, a link to download you personal certificate 2️⃣ and a link to download the root certificate 3️⃣.

Step 5 – Download and install personal certificate

Copy the password 1️⃣ for the personal certificate and click on the link Download personal certificate 2️⃣.
You will be prompted to allow the downloading of the certificate, this is OK so click Allow 4️⃣.
After the certificate/profile has been downloaded click Close 5️⃣.

Open the Settings app and click on Profile Downloaded 6️⃣.
Click on Install in the upper right corner 7️⃣.
Enter the iPhone passcode 8️⃣.

Click Install 9️⃣ again in the upper right corner then click Install again to verify.
Paste the password 🔟 we copied in the beginning of Step 5 and click Next 1️⃣1️⃣.
When you see the Profile Installed page, click Done 1️⃣2️⃣.

Step 6 – Download and install root certificate

Go back to Safari and click on the link Download root certificate 3️⃣.
As you did in Step 5, Allow 4️⃣ the certificate and Close 5️⃣ when done.

Go back to the Settings app and you should be on the page VPN & Device Management.
Click on UMU-CAROOT-CA 6️⃣ under the header Downloaded Profile.
Click Install 7️⃣ in the upper right corner and verify by clicking Install again.
When you see the page Profile Installed, click Done 8️⃣.

Step 7 – Connect to eduroam

Go back to the main Settings page.
From the VPN & Device Management page you can click < Back 1️⃣ and
then < Settings 2️⃣ in the upper left corner.
On the main Settings page click Wi-Fi 3️⃣.

On the Wi-Fi page, click eduroam 4️⃣.
When it prompts you for Username and Password click on Mode 5️⃣ instead .
Mark the mode EAP-TLS 6️⃣ and go back by clicking < Enter Password 7️ in the upper left corner.

Back on the Enter Password page click on Identity 8️⃣.
Click on the Identity called 9️⃣, if you see more than one click on
the one with the latest expiry date.
Go back by clicking < Enter password 🔟 in the upper left corner.
Back on the Enter Password page you can now click Join 1️⃣1️⃣ in the upper right corner.

A certificate page will be shown, click on Trust 1️⃣2️⃣ in the upper right corner.
Give it a few seconds and you should now see a check mark to the left of the network eduroam and you are now connected.