Install eduroam manually

Should the “automatic” method of installing eduroam on your device not work, there are manuals below for how to do it via a more manual approach.

This guide helps you to manually install the certificates needed to connect to eduroam on Windows 10/11.

Creating and installing eduroam certificates

1. Logon with your UmU-ID at, click on Create certificate.

2. Add information (as in your name or computer name) about the certificate and click on Create certificate.

3. Copy the password and download the personal and root certificate.

4. Browse to the downloaded files and open UMU-CAROOT-CA2.cer.

5. Choose Local computer and click on Next.

6. Choose Place all.. and click on Browse.., choose Trusted rootcert.. and click OK. The dialogue window closes and then click Next.

7. Click Yes to install the certificate.

8. Open your personal certificate. (with suffix .pfx)

9. Choose Current User and click on Next.

10. Click Next until your asked to enter a password, paste the password from step 3 and click Next.

11. Click Next and then Done.

Configure Windows 10 to connect using the certificate

Search for available networks and choose eduroam, click on Connect using certificate.