Install eduroam for MacOS (Umu wifi)

This guide will show you how to use Ciscos program to connect to eduroam on campus.
Note you must be on the Umeå University’s campus and have a connection to Umu wifi to be able to complete this guide. The quide will not work at NUS.

1. In the wifi menu choose  Umu wifi.

2. Start a web browser (Safari or Firefox) and open, for example, You will then be redirected to the correct page. Write in your Umu-ID ( and password, klick on Sign On.

3. Click on Start

4. Write in your information about your computer and click on Continue.

5. Ciscos installation program will download. called  SPW.tar, to the folder Downloads.

6. Dubbel click on the  SRW.tar file and it will extract to create a file called ”cisco_network_setup_assistant.dmg”.

7. Dubbel click on the Cisco Network Setup Assistant to start the  installations programme.

8. Click Start. During installation, you must approve changes.

9. When all certificates are installed, click Exit.

10. Wi-Fi has now automatically switched to eduroam.

11. Access Settings – Network – Wi-Fi – Advanced.
Remove Umu wlan and Umu wifi if they are there otherwise your computer can be connected to them before eduroam is connected.