Installation guide: Google Drive app (Mac)

In this guide, we show you how to download, install, and set the correct Google drive app settings on your Mac computer.

Step 1. Dowload

  1. Go to Dowload Google Drive and select Download Drive for the computer.
    Ladda ned drive för datorn
  2. A Finder window opens. Select the arrow to choose the location of the file, and kick Save.
    Install googledrive app - select folder to save in finder
  3. Download begins. Wait 2-3 minutes.
  4. When downloading is complete, open the file.
    • In Chrome: Click GoogleDriveSetup.exe, at the bottom of the browser window.
      installationsguide goolgle drive app - Google chrome klicka på nedladdning
    • In Edge: Click the Downloads tab in the right corner. Then select  GoogleDriveSetup.exe, click Open file.
      nedladdningar internetfönster - öppna fil

Step 2 Install

  1. When the download is complete, this box will appear, select GoogleDrive.pkg.
    Installera app - klicka på app
  2. Installation begins. Click Continue
    Installera google drive app mac
  3. Select where you want to store the GoogleDrive app by clicking Change install location.
  4. Then click Install.
    Installera google drive app mac - byta installationsplats

Step 3 Sign in and set the correct settings

  1. The next step is to sign in and set the correct settings so you can use the GoogleDrive app.
  2. Go to Launchpad in the doc and search and open Google Drive.
  3. Click GoogleDrive icon in the top activation bar.
    top aktiveringsfält - klicka driveapp
  4. Select Sign in with browser.
    logga in Googledrive app mac - logga in med browser
  5. Your browser will ask you to log in.
  6. If you have multiple Google accounts, click Use another account.
    logga in - välj google konto mac
  7. Enter your and select Next.
    logga in med umuid mac
  8. You are directed to the Umu log-in page. Log with your and password and click Sign in.
    logga in drive mac - skriv in umuid
  9. Post sign in, your computer will speak up, any of these boxes may appear. Click Open Security & Privacy settings.
    systeminställningar mac app login
  10. Under Security and Privacy settings, go to Privacy, click Accessibility, and then check Google Drive.
    Säkerhetsinställningar bocka i google drive
  11. Then, go to the General tab, and click Restart. 
    security and privacy settings - general - restart computer
  12. Your computer restarts and you can now open and use the GoogleDrive app.
  13. To learn more about using the GoogleDrive app, go to manual (Link)