Installation guide: Google Drive app (windows)

This guide shows you how to download and install Google drive app on your windows computer.

Log in to Google Apps

  1. Go to
  2. In the upper right corner, click on Log in.
  3. Write your google apps e-mail adress and password.

Step 1 Download

  1. Go to Download Google Drive and click Download Drive for computer.
    Ladda ned drive för datorn
  2. Download begins. Wait 2-3 minutes.
  3. When downloading is complete, open the file.
    • In Chrome: Click GoogleDriveSetup.exe, at the bottom of the browser window.
      installationsguide goolgle drive app - Google chrome klicka på nedladdning
    • In Edge: Click the Downloads tab in the right corner. Then select GoogleDriveSetup.exe, click open file.
      nedladdningar internetfönster - öppna fil

Step 2 Install

  1. When the download is complete, this box will appear.
  2. Select Add an app shortcut to your desktop to have the Google Drive app on your desktop. (recommended).
  3. Select add shortcuts to Google Docs, Sheets, and Presentations for a shortcut while creating new Google files on your computer. (recommended not).
  4. Then click Install.
    installera goolge drive windows
  5. Installation is carried out, proceed to step 3.


Step 3 Sign in

  1. When the installation is complete, this box will appear.
  2. Select Sign in with your browser.
    Logga in med webbläsaren windows
  3. Enter your and click Next.
    logga in google drive app windows - skriv in umu gapps id
  4. A new security box will appear, read and click Sign in.
    logga in google drive app windows
  5. **Note** if you have multiple Google accounts, sign-in might look like this.
  6. Choose your Gapps account.
  7. If the Gapps account is not visible, click Use Other Account.
    logga in google drive app windows - välj konto
  8. You are now signed in to the Google Drive app. You can see this by going to the Activation Bar, clicking the arrow, and then the Google Drive app icon.hitta google drive app - aktivetsfältet