Manage notifications in OneDrive

In this manual, we’ll show you how to manage your notifications in OneDrive. For example, if you want to turn off notifications if someone is typing in a Word document, etc.

  1. Log in with your umuID via Next, open OneDrive in the left menu.
  2. OneDrive in the web now opens up in your browser. Click the settings icon in the upper right corner.
  3.  Click on OneDrive Settings
    mange your Onedrive notifications - settings icon - choose onedrive settings
  4. You’ll now get your notification settings options menu. The default settings are that everyone is checked. Click off the notifications you no longer want to apply.
    mange your Onedrive notifications - notifications settings

    1. Click off missed email sharing reminders if you want a notification if you fail to share your document (recommended to be on).
    2. Click off email when OneDrive detects that many files are deleted at once if you don’t want to receive email notification if many files from your OneDrive are deleted at once (recommended to be on).
    3. If you don’t want an email notification, click off email notification when others reply to your comments.
    4.  Click off email when others comment on my documents if you don’t want email notification if others comment on your documents.
    5. Click off email notification when the link in a sharing message you sent has been clicked if you don’t want notification if someone has clicked on your link (file).
    6. If you don’t want email notification if others upload files to your shared folder, click off email when others upload files to your shared folder.