Create an Online Learning Agreement (OLA)

This manual describes how you create an Online Learning Agreement (OLA) in Solemove efter you have been nominated for exchange within the Erasmus Programme.

Pleas observe that you can create your OLA efter you have been accepted to your exchange studies in Solemove and efter you have logged in and accepted your application. 

Access your application

  1. Log in with your student account (Umu-id) to Solemove.
  2. Click on ‘Application form for outgoing student mobility’ in the left-hand bar.
  3. In the list of applications, choose the one with status ‘Confirmed’ and click on the pen to access your application.
OLA1 Solemove

Create an Online Learning Agreement (OLA)

  1. Go to the tab ‘Acceptance’ of your application.
  2. Click ‘Create learning agreement’. A confirmation that data has been saved will appear.
  3. Access your new learning agreement by clicking on ‘Learning agreements’ in the left-hand bar.
Acceptance tab Julius Maxilmilianansökan Solemove
Create learning agreement Solemove
Learning Agreements Solemove

Fill in the Outgoing Learning agreement

Your personal data and home department information is already prefilled to some extent. This data is taken from your Solemove application. All mandatory fields are marked with  *.

Fill in which Faculty/Department you belong to at Umeå University.

Enter then name, email and telephone number of your coordinator at Umeå University under Responsible person at the sending institution.

All phone numbers must be in international format and without any spaces, eg. +46701111111

OLA Nationality+ Language profiency Solemove
Home institution Solemove

In the ‘Exchange information’ section you should change the dates for the planned start and end date of your exchange to those given by your host university, not the dates already stated (these are the start and end dates of the semester in Umeå).

Enter which Faculty/Department you will be studying at. If you do not know, check the name of your host institution in Solemove, if no faculty/department is stated, just write the name of the university and the mobility type ‘Semester(s).

Check the information provided by your host university who is your contact person or responsible person for the OLA and enter that in the section below.

All phone numbers must be in international format and without any spaces, eg. +46701111111

Click ’Save’ after each section.

Exchange info Solemove

Under Study program and recognition is where you list the courses you intend to take at your host university. Please observe that your course selection must be approved by your programme coordinator or study counsellor before you sign the OLA.

Click on Add new and the option to add courses will open up.

Component code (kurskod) is mandatory. In case your host university does not have one, write ‘Not applicable’ N/A.

First semester is the Autumn semester in Umeå, and Second semester is the Spring semester in Umeå.

On this page you also list all the courses you are planning on taking at the host university.

Study progamme and recognition Solemove
30 ECTS Solemove

Under Recognition at the sending institution, write “Mobility Window” as the component title, and 30 ECTS as the recognition course at Umeå University, unless informed otherwise by your faculty/department.

Component code (kurskod) is mandatory. If your department at Umeå University does not have a component code for the credit transfer, write ‘Not applicable’ N/A.

If you are going to study courses online, fill in under ‘Virtual components’.

recognition Solemove
Virtual components Solemove

To confirm your Learning agreement, click on the top right button Confirm.

You will now see the message shown in the picture on your right-hand side.

Click on Confirm again.

The section in the image in the right column will now appear on your Learning Agreement.

confirm LA Solemove
Commitment three parties student Solemove

Wait for the signatures to be completed

As soon as Umeå University and the host university have also signed the Online Learning Agreement, three lines in total will show up in (see image in the right column). It contains your signature, our signature, and the host’s signature. Then your OLA is complete.

When your Online Learning Agreement is complete, your contact person at your department can send your OLA to the host university’s system through EWP (Erasmus Without Paper).

Download your Online Learning Agreement as a PDF

Note that currently many universities are still unable to receive and manage digital OLAs. That is why we recommend you download your OLA after it has been signed by your coordinator at Umeå University. Do this to submit your OLA to Canvas.

Click PDF in the upper right corner to download your Online Learning Agreement.

Pdf Solemove

Edit your Online Learning Agreement

If you wish to edit your Online Learning Agreement after it has been submitted, press the Unlock button. You can find it next to the PDF button showed in the picture in the last section.

Unlocking the OLA means that the OLA’s status will be reset. Any changes you make in the document  will have to be signed by your Faculty before being sent to your host university.

It is possible that your coordinator writes a comment on your OLA. You will be notified by email if it happens.

Unlock application Solemove

Download enclosures

Under the tab Enclosures in your application you can also download your:

  • Nomination letter
  • Insurance certificate
  • Language cerificate

Manual for how to download enclosures