Starta a meeting in Zoom and invite members via a link

This guide describes how to starta meeting in Zoom, as well as inviting people to join it via a link.

Logging in

Surf to

Click on Host – Start a meeting

Log in with your UmuId

Scenario 1 – Zooms client program is not installed on your computer

If Zoom is not installed on your computer, your web browser will automatically start downloading the program Zoom Launcher.

Installing Zoom

Click on the link and follow the instructions how to install Zoom on your computer.

Install Zoom on Windows

Install Zoom on Mac OS

Scenario 2 – Zooms client program is installed on your computer

If Zoom is already installed on your computer, the web browser will ask you if you “allow” Zoom to open.

Click on Open Link or Allow







Zoom opens.










Click on Join Audio Conference by Computer/Join with Computer Audio to use the web camera and/or sound from your computer

Now click on  Invite to open the dialog window with all choices that come with your meeting room

There are different ways you can send a meeting invitation.

Click on Copy URL to copy the link and later send it via email, a teaching platform, Internal message, or some other way.

Click on Default Email for a normal email message with information on how a compatible computer can enter your Zoom room.