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Configure Outlook on your iPhone with M365/O365 account

1. Start with downloading Outlook in the App Store.

2. If you have MS Authenticator installed and your UMUid is already active on your device your account should be automatically found.

If so click Add Account and Outlook should sort out the rest.

If not, jump to step 3.

3 If no account is found, there should be a question if you want to add an account, press add

4 Enter your UMU email address.

5 If you have MFA activated you will be asked to open your authenticator and accept.

6 You could be redirected to an login page to Microsoft, enter your UMUid and @ad.umu.se like this: UMUid@ad.umu.se

7 If entered correctly you’ll be redirected to the login page for UMU, enter your username and password

8 If you try to add your outlook account with the same device you have MFA on you will have to click on Hide to see the numbers after 5 seconds the popup will appear again and you will be able to enter the code.













You’re done, Outlook will ask to add an additional account, just choose maybe later.