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Install eduroam on Chromebook manually

How to configure eduroam certificates on Chromebook

  1. 1. Logon to https://www.eduroam.umu.se with your Umu-id.
    If you’re not connected to internet, you might have connect through UmU-Wlan first (logon with a browser).
  2. Click on Skapa certifikat.
  3. Copy the password in the box and click on Ladda ner personligt certifikat and Ladda ner root-certifikat.
  4. When downloading the root-certificate (UMU-CAROOT-CA) you don’t have check the boxes.
  5. In Chromes address field, type chrome://settings/certificates, choose the tab Authorities. Click on Import
  6. Go to Downloads, import the file UMU-CAROOT-CA2. You might have to view All files to be able to select it.
  7. Go to Your certificates, choose Import and bind to device your ”Umu-id” certificate, then paste the password you copied in step 3.

Configure your Chromebook to use the certficate

  1. Open Chrome again and go to chrome://settings. Under Network expand Add connection and choose Add Wi-Fi.
  2. Configure Wi-Fi settings
  • SSID eduroam
  • Choose TLS or EAP-TLS as EAP method  (depends on version)
  • Choose none as Phase 2 authentication (if available)
  • Server CA-certifikat UMU-CAROOT-CA
  • Användarcertifikat UMU-CA0003-CA
  • Identity Umu-id@ad.umu.se (ex. “abcd0001@ad.umu.se”)
  • Check Save identity and password
  • Click on Connect