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My backup – Recover files via web

Recover files via web browser

1. Log in at https://minbackup.umu.se:4285/ with your Umu-ID

2. Click Devices

3. Click the round arrow on the far right, under Restore, for the device you want to restore from

4. Select the files or folders you want to recover and click Restore

5. A compressed archive is now created with your recovered files on the server. Click on the link at the bottom left to download the archive file

6. Unpack (decompress) the archive, and move your recovered files and folders to where you want them.

If it is the same date of last backup, it does not matter if you choose to restore from Storage 1 or Storage 2.

My backup for Windows

My backup is activated for all employees.

For affiliates, the Head of Department or equivalent or IT manager at the department must activate you.
When this is done, an email is sent to those for whom the service is ordered.

1. Go to the following address https://minbackup.umu.se:4285/ and log in with your Umu-ID

2. Go to App Downloads, select the client according to the operating system you have on your computer and the file will be downloaded.

3. Run the downloaded file and click Next

4. If you accept the terms of the license agreement, click Next

5. If you want to change the installation folder, you can do so in this step. Otherwise, click Next

6. Click Install, and then Done when the installation is complete.

7. When the installation is complete, start CrashPlan and type in your Umu-ID and serveradress (minbackup.umu.se).

8. When prompted, login with Umu-ID

9. Click Manage Files to proceed to select which files you want to back up. NOTE! default is only My Documents.