Configure eduroam on Ubuntu manually

This guide will help you to configure the wireless network eduroam on Ubuntu. You only have to configure this once.

How to configure eduroam certificates on Ubuntu

1. Logon to with your Umu-id.
If you’re not connected to internet, you might have connect through UmU-Wlan first (logon with a browser).

2. Click on Skapa certifikat.

3. Copy the password in the box and click on Ladda ner personligt certifikat and Ladda ner root-certifikat.

4. Open your file explorer and go to Downloads. Change suffix on the personal certificate from {umu-id}.pfx to .p12.

Configure Ubuntu to use certficates

1. Open menu and choose eduroam from Select Network .

2. Configure Wi-Fi settings

  • Wi-Fi security WPA & WPA2 Enterprise
  • Authentication TLS
  • Identity
  • CA-certifikat UMU-CAROOT-CA2.cer located in Downloads
  • User certificate Umu-id.p12 located in Downloads
  • User private key Umu-id.p12 (is set automatically)
  • User key password Paste the password that was copied earlier.
  • Click on Connect.