UmU-card FAQ

UmU-card from mobile/tablet 

This service is so far unavailable from mobile phones and tablets.
We Recommend that you use a computer instead.

UmU-card – Where is my pin code/how do I get a pin code?

The Pin code is something you choose yourself when you upload a photo.  The pin code is 4 digits.
Contact Infocenter in Universum if you need a new pincode.

UmU-card doesn’t work on the entrance doors

Entrance to buildings/labs is granted by visiting ‘house service/janitors’ office in the respective building you study in.  They can help you gain access, if you don’t know who to contact talk to Infocenter in Universum.

I have lost my UmU-card/ lost the mail for my UmU-card/deleted the mail thinking it was spam

Please contact Infocenter in Universum and they will be more than happy to help you receive a new email.

I have not received a mail for my UmU-card as staff

Mails are sent out automatically but can take time.  Contact Infocenter in Universum if you have not received an email.

I have not received a mail for my UmU-card as student

If you are a new student:
You must activate your Umu-id first.
Mails are sent to your registred primary email-adress.
Depending on the time of year it can take a little longer.

I cannot login anymore with my UmU-card

If you can’t login anymore, it can mean that your card is not active.  Please contact Infocenter Universum to get help.

We strive to create UmU-cards as fast as possible but at certain times of the year it may take longer time.

UmU-card picture is in landscape form

Certain programs in Windows or Mac automatically rotate pictures (even though the picture is actually in landscape form).  the COL system does not automatically rotate pictures.
Make sure your picture is in “portrait” mode before you send it in.  Try opening your picture to make sure it is in the correct format the COL system requires.

UmU-card confirmation 

If you have clicked on ”submit” you will be logged out and returned to the first login screen if all has gone well.
We are currently working on improvements to instructions and screens to hopefully make the process easier.


I have not received a mail about my UmU-card.

If you have changed your primary email address to a hotmail/live-account your UmU-card email is often put in junkmail.