Use Google Drive app to export files to your Mac computer

This manual shows how to use Google Drive App to download (copy) your Google Drive files to your Mac computer.

Log in to Google Apps

  1. Log in to Google apps here.
  2. Click on the blue button Log in with Umeå University.
  3. Write your google apps e-mail adress and password (

Step 1. Find Google Drive files in Finder

  1. All of your files that you have in Google Drive on your browser are located in Finder.
  2. Go to finder and search in the menu to the left for Google Drive.
  3. Click on My drive to see your saved files in your Google Drive.
  4. Click on Shared Drives to see shared files in Google Drive.
  5. If you don’t find the Google Drive map, go to the activation bar at your desktop and click on Google Drive app. (If the icon is blurry you first need to log in).
  6. Click on the icon for Settings and then Preferences.
  7. Under the file My MacBook Pro you can upload files or maps to your Google Drive from your computer.
  8. Choose Google Drive to see what files your Google drive contains.

The difference of Stream and Mirror files

  • Choose Stream files if you only want to store your files in the cloud. This means that you can’t open the files on your computer, only in a browser.
  • Choose Mirror files if you want to store your Drive-files both on your computer and in the cloud. This means that you can reach your files from Finder, and also be available offline.
  • When you’ve decided which option you will chose, choose Open in Finder to get access to the map with your Google Drive-files in Finder.

Step 2. Download files from Google Drive app to your computer

Observe, you can’t download files with Google Drive that’s created within Googles apps. If you have files that’s created within Google Apps we instead recommend you to use Google Takeout (manual is linked to the left).

  1. Go to Finder -> This computer -> Google Drive -> My unit
  2. The picture below shows how to see the difference between Google files and Microsoft files.
    Square A represent Google, Documents, Forms and Presentation. You can’t download these.
    Square B represents a PowerPoint (Microsoft), a PNG-file, (other), an Excel document (Microsoft). You can download these files.
    Square C represents a map. You can download this if it doesn’t contain files that’s created in Google.
  3. To download a document from Google Drive, drag and drop Microsofts files from your Google Drive map to a suitable place on your computer.
    Observe, when you drag and drop you copy the file. Make sure that no one changes something in the document after you’ve moved it. Also, make sure your have enough space on your computer.
    If you accidentally try to download something you’ve created in Google, you will get a message saying it’s impossible.
    Tip! Make a structure and sort when you drag and drop. Create a map on your desktop and put all of your files there.

Step 3. Upload files in OneDrive

After you have copied your files from Google Drive map to your computer it’s suitably to upload them to Microsoft OneDrive. This step shows how you easily to that. Observe, if you have information that’s sensitive or personal, you can’t upload it on OneDrive. Read more about information security here.

  1. Go to and click on OneDrive i the menu to the left.
  2. In OneDrive under My files, click on Upload and then Map.
  3. Finder will pop up. Choose Desktop and then click on the map with your files from Google Drive, click then Upload.
  4. A security box may appear, click Upload.
  5. Your upload is now starting. Depending on how many files you have the export can take either a few minutes or hours.
  6. When all of your files are uploaded, make sure the export went well by clicking on some of the files and check if you can open them and the documents contain all the information.
  7. Go to your desktop and delete the map that you just uploaded to avoid confusion and to save space on your computer.
  8. Done!