Use Google Drive to export files (Windows)

This manual shows how to use Google Drive on your windows computer to copy and download your files. Have you downloaded and installed Google Drive? If not, follow this manual.


Log in to Google Apps

  1. Go to
  2. In the right upper corner, click on Log in.
  3. Write your google apps e-mail adress and password.

Step 1. Find Google Drive app and your files

  1. Go to Task manager in the lower right corner, click on the arrow and then the Google Drive icon.
  2. You can’t find the icon if your not logged in. Go to the search bar in Windows Task manager and search for Google Drive.
  3. Click on the wheel and chose Preferences.
  4. Under My PC you have the option to upload files or maps from your computer to your Google Drive.
  5. Choose Google Drive to see all of your files.

The difference of Streaming and Mirror files

You can choose how you would like to handle your files. You can choose between Stream or Mirror.

  • Choose Stream files if you want to store all of your Drive-files only in the cloud. This means that you can’t open the files on your computer, you can only open in a browser.
  • Choose Mirror files if you want to store your files on both your computer and in the clouds. This means that you can reach all your Drive-files via Finder offline. You can read more here.
  • When you’ve read and chose one alternative – chose Open in Task Manager (Open in Finder if you have a mac, but the button is the same).

Step 2. Download files from Google Drive to your computer

**Observe** You can’t download files that’s created with Googles products, like Google Documents, Presentations, Spreadsheet or Forms. If you have a lot of files that are created with Googles products we recommend you to use Google Takeout.

  1. Go to Task Manager -> This computer -> Google Drive -> My unit
  2. I the picture below we show you how to see the difference between Google and Microsoft or other apps.
    Square A represents Google, Documents. Forms and Presentation. You can’t download this to your computer.
    Square B represent a PowerPoint (Microsoft), a PNG-file and a Excel document. You can download this.
    Square C represents a map. You can download maps to your computer if it doesn’t contain files from Google.
  3. To download documents from your Google Drive App, drag and drop Microsofts documents from your Google Drive map in Explorer to where you want it on your computer. The picture below shows how to drag and drop, in this example an Excel-file, from Google Drive to Desktop.

    **Observe** that when you drag and drop, you copy it. Make sure that no one works in that file after you have moved it.
    **Observe** Make sure to create a structure for how you drag and drop files. For example: create a map on your desktop called Google Drive-files.
    **Observe** If you have a lot of files, make sure that you have space on your computer before you copy.
    **Observe** If you drag and drop a file in Google form, a message like this will pop up.

Step 3. Upload files in OneDrive

After you’ve copied your files from Google Drive to your computer you can choose to upload them in Microsoft OneDrive, these apps are pretty much the same. This step shows how you easily upload files from your computer to Microsoft OneDrive.
**Observe** Do you store sensitive personal data? First up, you need to do a classification of your files before you can upload it on OneDrive.

  1. Go to and choose OneDrive in the menu to the left.
  2. In OneDrive, under My files, click on Upload and choose Map.
  3. Your explorer will pop up. Choose Desktop and then the map where you have all the files and then klick Upload.
  4. A security box may appear, click on Upload.
  5. Your upload is now started. Depending on how many files you have it can take a few minutes or several days.
  6. When the upload is done, locate your files in OneDrive to make sure the upload was successful. Click on a few files to see if they work and contain the information you have.
  7. Go to your desktop and delete the map that you have uploaded in OneDrive.
  8. Your files are now saved in a safe space. You can always download files from your OneDrive to your computer if you like and synchronize your OneDrive to your computer.