Zoom – Schedule a meeting and publish the link in Moodle or Cambro

This guide shows how to schedule a meeting in the Zoom app and how to publish the link in Moodle or Cambro.

Start the Zoom app on your computer

Click on the icon Schedule

Type the title for the meeting, start time, and duration
Decide if the attendees webcam should start automatically when they connect to the meeting
Set the audio options for your meeting.

  1. Allow only connection by telephone
  2. Allow only connection by VoIP (computer, smartphone, tablet)
  3. Or allow both types of connection

Click on Advance Options to access more settings (4)

  1. Decide if you want participants to use a password to access the meeting
  2. Decide if you want participants to be able to start the meeting before the host has joined
  3. Decide if you want participants microphone to be muted on entry
  4. Decide if you want to use your personal meeting ID (not recommended)
  5. Decide if you want to record the meeting automatically
  6. Type e-mail adresses to alternative hosts

Choose in what calendar format you want to save your meeting. Click on iCal to save the event in your default calendar program on your computer.

Click on Schedule to save your meeting

Next your calendar app on your computer will start and all the information from the previous step is saved.

Publish the link to the meeting to your students

Go to your calendar program on your computer and open the meeting event for your Zoom meeting


Copy the link to the meeting

Then log in to Cambro or Moodle and navigate to your course site

Publish the copied link in any of the tools together with the time for the Zoom meeting

Below two examples are listed on suitable tools to use

Calendar in Cambro

Reservation in Moodle