Application for Erasmus+ teacher exchange

The application consists of two steps. You will need to fill out detailed information about your planned exchange to generate two documents:

  • Mobility Agreement
    This document has to be signed by you, head of department and host institution,
  • Grant Agreement
    This document has to be signed by you.

When both documents has been signed, you need to login again and submit them to complete your application.

At the bottom of this page you can also find information about what you need to to after your exchange.

Log in to your account

  1. Go to: Solemove start page
  2. Choose Umeå University from the dropdown list.
  3. Login using your umu-id.

Create an application

  • Go to All exchanges in the menu on the left hand side.
  • Click ‘New’.
New Erasmus staff Solemove
  • Choose Type of exchange/work: Teacher.
  • Direction of exchange is already to: Out.
  • Click ‘Save’.

Personal and exchange data

Fields marked with an * and the fields for EU subjects are mandatory.

  • Fill in your personal information.
  • Click on the pen next to Agreement to choose the institution.
  • Mobility type must be set to ‘hei2hei – to Higher Education Institution’.
  • Click the pen next to Exchange program and choose ‘Erasmus’.
  • Fill in start and end date (including 2 travel days maximum, if applicable).
  • Choose EU subject at home and EU subject at host.
  • Click ‘Save’.

After you click ‘Save’, you will now see the three tabs above the form.

Statistical information for teaching abroad

  • Fill in the information. Fields marked with an * are mandatory.
  • The following fields are non-obligatory: Total grant, Erasmus subsistence costs, Erasmus travel costs.
  • Click ‘Save’.
  • To search for the host *search for part of the name* and magnifying glass, if it does not exist, choose ‘New’.

Sign Grant Agreement and Mobility Agreement

The documents can be found in the tab ‘Personal and exchange data’.

  • Sign the Grant Agreement with Edusign,, or print it and sign it manually.
  • Print the Mobility Agreement and sign it. It also has to be signed by the head of your department and the host institution.
Print screen Grant agreement


Upload the signed Grant Agreement, Mobility Agreement together with your work plan in the tab Enclosures.

print screen Enclosures Staff and teacher exchange application

Send application

  • To be able to send your application, click on the tab ‘Personal and exchange data’.
  • Click ‘Send application’.

When you have submitted your application you will receive an email when it has been accepted by an officer at the International Office. Attached to the email you will find the certificate of attendance. Remember to bring it with you to the host institution so they can sign it for you before you return.

Print screen Personal and exchange data send application

After the exchange

An online staff report for you to complete will be sent to your email address. This report has to be completed after your staff/teaching mobility period.

The International Office will reimburse your department for travel and subsistence costs after the mobility period is completed. The reimbursement will be calculated according to the Erasmus financial guidelines. For information about these guidelines, see the document Standard amount for staff and teacher exchange at:

Erasmus+ for teachers

You will also need to upload the following documents in Solemove when you return:

  • A Certificate of Attendance signed by the host university confirming the start and end dates for your staff visit/teaching exchange at the host institution.
  • A copy of your travel expenses report in PASS (reseräkning).

Log in to your account

  • Go to: Solemove start page
  • Choose Umeå University from the dropdown list.
  • Login using your umu-id.
  • Click on ‘All exchanges’.
  • Go to your application.
  • Click the new fourth tab called ‘After exchange’.
  • Enter your Actual exchange dates.
  • Click on the pen next to each document name to attach the corresponding file. Remember to click ‘Upload file’ to attach your documents.
Print screen after exchange