Application instructions for outgoing exchange students

Log in

  1. Go to: SoleMove start page
  2. Choose Umeå University from the dropdown list.
  3. Login using your umu-id.

Find where to go – if you don’t already know

If you have not already decided where you want to go, you can search for opportunities at:
Find where to go

Create and submit an application

  1. Go to ’Application form for outgoing student mobility’ in the menu. Never select ‘Application form for short student mobility’ even if you apply for a period shorter than a term.
  2. Click ’New’ and select ’Mobility Type S –Study’.
  3. Select an Application period. Be sure you select the application period you intend to apply for.

Personal data

Fill in the mandatory fields with the required information. The partner universities/destinations are selected in the next tab.
If you want to apply for exchange studies for two different terms, you need to submit two separate applications in the same application round.

Make sure to select the correct home department

When selecting ‘Your home department’ make sure you select the department that administers the exchange place you are applying for. If you are unsure, contact the International Contact Person at your department. Umeå University should only be selected when applying for the university-wide exchange places.

When applying for North2North, Nordlys, University of Keele, and exchange places at University of Würzburg announced by the International Office, select International Office as your home department.

Choose destination

Go to Application form for Outgoing Student Mobility in the menu.

Click ’Add new institution/enterprise’.
You will be able to filter the available destinations per country, but you can also click on the pen icon next to Department in order to display all available destinations.
If you apply for exchange places under the university-wide agreements, you can apply for a maximum of four destinations. If you apply for departmental or faculty-linked exchange agreements, you will need to check with the International Contact Person at the respective department if there are any limitations to how many destinations you can apply for.

International Contact Persons

List your study destinations in order of priority

You change the priority by clicking on the arrows next to the Choice column.

You can also add additional information if needed.

Enter information about your studies

Go to the Current Studies tab.

The ’Current programme’ field is where you fill in your study programme. If you are not registered within a study programme, please enter your current course.

Include the necessary enclosures

If you apply for the university-wide agreements you need to submit the following documents:
Exchange studies outside Europe
Exchange studies at the Arctic Circle (north2north)
Exchange studies in Europe (Nordlys, Keele University, University of Würzburg)
If you apply for departmental or faculty-linked exchange agreements, you will need to check with the International Contact Person at the respective department, which documents need to be submitted

Check and send application

This tab displays the status of all other tabs so that you can quickly see if your application is considered complete by SoleMove (i.e. all the mandatory fields have been filled in). Press the Send application button and you will see a notification ‘Application sent!’