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Install eduroam for Windows 10 manually

This guide helps you to manually install the certificates needed to connect to eduroam on Windows 10. Creating and installing eduroam certificates 1. Logon with your UmU-ID at https://www.eduroam.umu.se, click on Create certificate. 2. Add information (as in your name or computer name) about the certificate and click on Create certificate. 3. Copy the password and […]

Install eduroam on Chromebook manually

How to configure eduroam certificates on Chromebook 1. Logon to https://www.eduroam.umu.se with your Umu-id. If you’re not connected to internet, you might have connect through UmU-Wlan first (logon with a browser). Click on Skapa certifikat. Copy the password in the box and click on Ladda ner personligt certifikat and Ladda ner root-certifikat. When downloading the […]