How do I add voicemail to Skype for Business (Windows)

To use voicemail, you need to set up Skype for Business
1. Go to Tools and Call forwarding Settings.


2. Click on the blue text (No voice mail…)


3. Click on the words (No voicemail, Calls will continuously ring for 30 seconds) and choose New number or Contact Inget och välj Nytt nummer… Choose the phone number or name you wish to voice mail to.   Remember to choose 30 seconds before redirecting also and make sure it says “All the time”


It should look like this:


Listen to your voicemail

Call the voice mail by typing “Röstbrevlåda” in the contact field.  You will be given instructions on how to listen to the mailbox and how to change code and more.  If you have received a voice message in your voicemail, you will receive an email.

Connecting to a Skype for Business meeting with the web app (Mac)

If you do not have the full client version of Skype, but need to connect to a Skype for Business meeting (for the first time).

1. After you click on the meeting link, choose Install and join with Skype-web app.


2. Install the app by clicking on SkypeMeetingsApp.dmg

3. Go back to the webpage where the program was installed from and click on Join the Meeting. click on Allow in the next step.

4. Type in your name and then click on Join.

5. You should now be connected to the meeting.

Login Skype for Business (Mac)

The login for older versions of Skype for Business Mac can appear slightly different.  It is recommended to always run the latest version of the client.

1. Download the program from Microsoft and install it.

2. Start Skype for Business.

3. Fill in:
SIP-address (
Click on ”Advanced options”.

4. Fill in your user-ID (ad\Umu-id) under ”User name”. OBS! In many cases it’s more stable to write your (for example when you working at home)
Click on ”Save”.

5. Fill in your password to (Umu-id).

6. Click on Log in to start.

How to connect to a Skype for Business meeting with the webb app (Windows)

Login to Skype for Business on an iPhone (iOS)

1. Download the Skype for Business app via App Store.

2. Start Skype for Business on your mobile phone.

3. Fill in your login: ( and Password: (Umu-id password)

4. Click on Advanced options and fill in your Username: (

5. Back up one step and click on Log in.

6. The first time you start the app on your iPhone/iPad you must write in your mobile telephone number.