Email for Students FAQ

Q: Where do I login to my email account?
You can access your email account in the student portal on the email tab.  or direct via

Q: Why can’t I login to the Student Portal?
A: If you can’t login to the portal, it normally means there is a problem with your UmU-id.  Send in an error report via Servicedesk

Q: Can you change primary email address?
If you want to use a different e-mail address than the one you receive as a student then you can change it yourself.

Q: How do I change it so my mail comes to my private email address instead of my student email address?
A:  Instructions to forwarding mail to a private email address can be found here:

Q: How do I choose a new language for my email?
A: The first time you login to the email you will have to choose a language and time zone.  Afterwards you must go in to the options and manually change languages.

Q: How much space for email attachments do I have?
A: You can attach files of up to 10 GB in email.

Q: How do I get more help if I need it?
A: You can always talk to the people at Servicedesk in the IT department for help, otherwise there are help manuals regarding email at