Install Umu-print

This guide will help you install Umeå University’s printing solution Umu-print.

Step 1 – Download

Download PaperCut Print Deploy Client from

Step 2 – Install

Open the file you downloaded and follow the instructions to install the PaperCut Print Deploy Client.

Step 3 – Login

When the installation is complete, you need to log in.

Enter your Umu-id (eg. abcd1234) and the PIN code is the four digit PIN code of your Umu card/access card.

Then click Sign in and add Umu-print.

Step 4 – Install the printer

Once you log in, the printer will be installed automatically.

When you see a green box at the bottom right that says Umu-print[ ](Mobility) was installed, you are done with PaperCut Print Deploy Client.

Step 5 – Using Umu-print

Now that the printer is installed, just select Umu-print[ ](Mobility) as the printer. As an example, this is a screenshot from Word.

The printout is sent to the Umu-print server and on the printer itself you scan your Umu card and possibly enter the PIN code to retrieve the printout and print your documents.

Step 6 – Default printer

It may also be a good idea to set the printer as the default printer.

Open Settings > Bluetooth & devices > Printers & scanners.

Set Allow Windows to manage my default printer as Off.

Then click on Umu-print[ ](Mobility) and click the Set as default button.