Creating a multiple language survey in LimeSurvey

Sometimes there is a need to have multiple languages within the same survey in LimeSurvey.  It is possible and easy to do but requires a little more work when creating your survey.  To create a survey with multiple embedded languages, då the following:

  1. Create your survey (the base language is the language you chose in your “base” language window).

  2. Click on the Settings tab.  Then choose Overview and then General Settings.
  3. Click in the window Additional languages.  A drop down box appears.  Choose the language(s) you desire.
  4. Don’t forget to click on SAVE in the top right hand corner once you have chosen all of your desired languages for your survey.
  5.  Now when you choose the tab Preview survey you will see a drop down list with all the languages you have chosen (that the survey will be previewed in).
  6. Now you can begin writing your questions by clicking on the Structure tab. Remember that with each question you must now click on the different tabs and write each question in the chosen language for that tab.