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How do I get my UmU card?

Students and employees who are admitted or employed will automatically receive an e-mail about how to apply for the UmU card. As a new student at Umeå University, you need to activate your UmU-id before you can get the UmU card.

An e-mail will be sent to your student e-mail account (xxx@student.umu.se), which you can access by signing in to http://www.student.umu.se/english. If you have enabled forwarding from your student e-mail to another e-mail account, you should find the message there. If you can´t find the message in the inbox in either account, please check the spam folder in both accounts. If you still can´t find the message, please turn to Infocenter for help.

The e-mail will contain detailed information and a link to the account where you should, among other things, upload your photo. The photo is needed for security. It is important that you read through the information carefully, because you will sign the contingent liability.

Pick up your printed card in Infocenter.