I have not received any activation information, what do I do?

As a student at Umeå University, you get a user account called Umu-id. With it, you get access to our wireless networks, the central learning platform Canvas, and the Student web, where you can, among other things, register for the exam, collect a study certificate or apply for a degree. You will also receive an e-mail address that you can reach via o365.umu.se.

You also need your Umu-id to be able to obtain an Umu card.

Activate your Umu-id

You can activate your Umu-id via the activation guide in five different ways one week before the start of the semester, but it is often possible to activate earlier. You will not receive any special notification from us when it is possible to activate your user account.

1. By using BankID

You can activate your Umu-id by using BankID.

Activation guide

2. Account at Universityadmissions.se

You can activate your Umu-id using your account at Universityadmissions.se.

Activation guide

3. Account at eduID

You can activate your Umu-id using your eduID account.

Activation guide

4. Account at Freja eID

You can activate your Umu-id using your Freja eID account.

Activation guide

5. Via activation code

You can activate your account with an activation code if you do not have BankID, eduID, Freja eID or an account at Universityadmissions.se. You can order an activation code here.

Activation guide

If you are an exchange student

If you are accepted at Umeå University as an exchange student, you will receive information on how to activate your user account when you arrive in Umeå.

User name

When you activate your user account, you get a username also known as Umu-id. For students, the username is the same as the part before the @ in the student email address.

Example: the person with the email address abcd0123@student.umu.se has the username abcd0123.