Inspera – Settings during an exam

This guide goes through the settings that are available to you as a student during an ongoing digital exam in Inspera.

Student interface

The image below shows the student’s interface during a digital exam in the locked browser Safe Exam Browser.

Inspera - Student interface

  1. Settings during the current exam. More about these further down on this page.
  2. Student response box. The example above shows an essay question.
  3. A navigation bar is displayed at the bottom of the page. Pages with information only, are indicated by an “i”. In the example above, we can also see that we are now on question 14 of 19.
  4. Navigate forward to the next question.
  5. Navigate back to the previous question.
  6. In the example above, there is a PDF resource linked to the exam. The PDF opens in a new window.
  7. The button at the far right of the navigation bar goes to overview. It shows if all tasks have been answered and here is also the button to submit your exam.

Settings during exam

By clicking on the button marked (1) in the image above, you can access settings and additional functions during an ongoing digital exam.

Student settings

  1. Possibility to switch the interface language between Swedish and English.
  2. Function for displaying the exam content in high contrast mode.
  3. If you have applied for and received Text to speech granted as an aid, it is possible to activate this.
  4. The text size can be set in three levels: Normal, Large and Extra large.
  5. Submit a blank digital.
  6. Save submission as file is used if a student is unable to reconnect to the network. Submission in offline mode is handled manually by an invigilator.
  7. Possibility to hide or show the remaining time for an exam.
  8. Link that leads back to the overview page.


Spell check settings

If spelling check for answering essay questions is enabled, settings for this are displayed at the bottom right of the answer box.

Spell check settings

  • Click (1) to disable the spell checker.
  • Click (2), the settings icon, to display the set language and additional spell check settings.
  • Click (3) to open a window with all the suggestions for spelling corrections.
  • (4) indicates how many spelling errors the automatic check has detected.

Change language for automatic spelling check

Click the settings icon marked with (2) in the image above to open language settings.

Inställningar för språk

  1. Language is set to “Automatic Detection” and can be changed to, for example, Swedish or English by clicking the down arrow.
  2. In the box marked (2) there are four setting options for deactivating the spelling checker.