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How to find and install Whiteboard

Whiteboard is available in different versions; a web app, a desktop app for Windows and a mobile app for iOS.

Find the Whiteboard Web App

To access Whiteboard on the Web:
  1. Go to the university website for Office 365
  2. Log in with your Umu ID and password
  3. You will find an icon for Whiteboard in the bottom left column.

Option 1 to download Whiteboard to Windows

  1. Open the Software Center on your computer.
    Image Representative Icon for Windows Software Center
  2. Locate Microsoft Whiteboard in the list of applications.
    Icon Representing App for Microsoft Whiteboard
  3. Click the Microsoft Whiteboard icon.
  4. Then click ‘Install’ .

Option 2 to download Whiteboard to Windows

  1. Open the Microsoft Store on your computer.
  2. Use the search function to find the Microsoft Whiteboard.
    Image showing how to search for the app in the Microsoft store
  3. Once you’ve found the app, select ‘Download
    Icon showing how Whiteboard looks in the Microsoft store  Image that represents what the button for downloading Whiteboard looks like
  4. If you get a dialogue box asking you to log in, select ‘No‘.
  5. Your Microsoft Whiteboard download and installation should now start. It may take some time to install.
  6. Microsoft Whiteboard is now ready to use on your computer!
  7. When you open the app for the first time, you may be asked to log in. Then log in with: umuid@ad.umu.se + Umui-id password.

Frequently asked questions about Whiteboard

Whiteboard FAQ

Who can use Whiteboard?

Whiteboard is available to all students and staff at Umeå University. It is currently not possible to invite external participants to participate in a Whiteboard.

Can we work on the whiteboard at the same time?

Yes you can! In Whiteboard you can work together, in real time, on your whiteboard.

Can I export the results?

Yes, it is possible to export the result to PNG or SVG. You can also choose to publish in a team, send to a OneNote or send it by email.

Do I have to use the web interface?

No, there is an app to download for Windows and iOS.

Why can I not see the templates that my colleague has mounted on the Whiteboard?

You probably use different versions of Whiteboard. To be able to take part of all the material you all need to use the downloaded app.

Where can I find Whiteboard?

There are several versions of Whiteboard to use. You will find more information in the manual for how to get and install Whiteboard.

Get/download Whiteboard

How do I save my Whiteboard?

Your Whiteboard is saved automatically and is available on the “Home page” for Whiteboard.

Add background effects to Teams 

You can download and use images taken at campus as a background image when you are in a meeting in Teams. If you use Teams as an application in your computer and have the Client Management service, the images are already uploaded to Teams. If you do not have Client Management, you must upload the images yourself. 

If you have Client Management

When you are in a meeting in Teams, click on the three dots, More actions and then Apply background effects. 

There are several pictures that you can choose from. If you scroll down, you will find the pictures taken at campus. 

Select image and click Apply. 

If you do not have Client Management

Go to Mediabanken and download the images you want to use. 

When you are in a meeting in Teams, click on the three dots, More actions and then Apply background effects. 

Click Add new and locate the image you want to add, then click Open. 

Select the image and click Apply. 

Frequently asked questions about OneDrive

Onedrive FAQ

How do I transfer files to OneDrive?
You can either upload files directly from OneDrive in the portal (o365.umu.se) or in OneDrive in windows explorer on your computer by dragging and dropping the files in the folder OneDrive – Umeå University.

Files in OneDrive

Can I create folders in OneDrive?
Yes, you can create folders in OneDrive. Either directly in windows explorer or in OneDrive on the portal (o365.umu.se).

Can I give a colleague access to a file in my OneDrive?
Yes, you can share files or folders with a colleague. If you share a document, the colleague will have access to the latest version. This means that if you change the document, the colleague will also see it without you having to send the document again.

You can choose whether the colleague should be able to edit the document or just read it. If you choose to edit it, you will also be able to edit the document at the same time.

Share files and folders

Can I see which files I have shared with others?
Yes, in OneDrive on the portal (o365.umu.se) you can see which files you have shared.

See files you shared in OneDrive

Can I see which files others have shared with me?
Yes, in addition to receiving an email when someone has shared a file with you, you can see in OneDrive on the portal (o365.umu.se) which files others have shared with you.

See files shared with you in OneDrive

Can I stop sharing a document?
Yes, in OneDrive on the portal (o365.umu.se) you can stop sharing a document.

Stop sharing files in OneDrive

What happens if I accidentally delete a file in my OneDrive?
If you accidentally delete files in your OneDrive, the files can be downloaded from the trash via OneDrive in the portal (o365.umu.se), where they are stored for 30 days. After 30 days, the files are placed in a secondary trash can for 60 days before disappearing. Your files are stored in the recycle bin for a total of 90 days. The same applies to files in teams or shared libraries.

Where are the files physically stored?
The files you store in OneDrive are stored in Microsoft Datacenter. Umeå University has decided that all data will be stored within Europe.

Can I use OneDrive if I use a Mac?
Yes, you can use OneDrive if you use a Mac.

Inviting multiple users to a team in Teams

Here are two tips on how to invite members to join a team themselves. Note that these options only work for users with Umu accounts.

Invite with a code

All teams have a code that can be used to join the team. The person using the code will join the team immediately. Please note that only people with Umu accounts can connect with a code.

Get the team code

  1. Go to your team. Select the three dots to the right of the team name. Click Manage Teams.
  2. Go to Settings and select Team Code.
  3. When you click Generate, you will get the code and can copy and share it to your members.

Join teams with code

  1. Go to Microsoft Teams and select the Team tab and then Join or create a team.
  2. You get the option to create a team or join with a code, this is where you paste the code and choose to join the team.

Invite with link

  1. Go to your team. Select the three dots to the right of the team name, click on Get link to team.
  2. You will then receive a link to copy and send to the members. When they click on the link, they get access to and membership in the team.

Frequently asked questions about Teams

Meetings in Teams

Will Skype disappear?

Yes, Microsoft will eventually stop updating Skype and instead only invest in Microsoft Teams.

At this time, it is not possible to call external persons directly via Teams. You can do this as usual via Skype, until the changes are made.

How many people can you see at the same time during a meeting in Teams?

It is possible to see 49 people at a time during a meeting.

Does the meeting end automatically when the meeting time ends?

No, the meeting only ends when someone chooses to end the meeting or all participants have left it.

How many can participate in a Team Meeting?

250 people can attend a meeting.

Can I book a Teams meeting via Outlook?

Yes, you can schedule a Teams meeting directly in Outlook. To do this, you need to have Teams installed on your computer.

Can I raise my hand during a Teams meeting?

Yes, it is possible to raise your hand during a meeting.

Can I use a whiteboard in a Teams meeting?

Yes, you can use whiteboard. To start a whiteboard, click the split screen button. Once you click there, you can select the whiteboard.

If you want more features, it is recommended to download Microsoft Whiteboard to your computer.

Can I moderate a meeting in Teams?

Yes, you can choose to mute participants’ microphones, invite more or remove participants during an ongoing meeting. You can also choose whether participants should have the opportunity to activate their microphone during the meeting and whether the chat should be available

Can I set up a lobby for Teams meetings?

Yes. You can choose to exclude all, external or none at all. You as the creator of the meeting will always be able to join the meeting.

Is it possible to divide the meeting into breakout rooms?

Yes, during the meeting there is the function to divide the meeting into smaller groups.


How much storage is there in a team?

In a team there is 1 TB of storage space.

How many channels can I create?

You can create 200 standard channels and 30 private channels in a team.

What is a private channel?

A private channel is only available to the people you specify should have access to the channel. The people must be participants in the team. It does not work to only invite one person to a private channel but not to the team in general.

Can everyone in a team create channels?

It depends on the attribute set by the team owner. Under Manage teams the team owner can choose whether a member can create and delete channels. There are also more settings that can be customized.

When I create a team, what type should I use?

Of the four options provided (Class, PLC, Personal, Other), the last type “Other” is to be used. This is without formatting and gives you the opportunity to build your team completely according to your needs.

How do I know if I should create a private or public team?

In most cases, it is private you should choose. Private teams can only be seen by those you invite, while the public teams are available to everyone at Umeå University.

What is the difference between being an owner and a member of a team?

An owner of a team is the one who administrates the team. The owner can add and remove members and decide what the members should have permissions to do in a team. It is possible to have several owners of a team.

What happens if someone accidentally deletes a file?

If someone accidentally deletes files in a team, the files can be downloaded from the team’s trash in Sharepoint, where they are stored for 30 days. After 30 days, the files are placed in a secondary trash can for 60 days before disappearing. Your files are stored in the Trash for 90 days.

What is the difference between Chat and Posts in a Team?

The chat function is the replacement for Skype and allows you to communicate with individual colleagues or groups in text and conversation. You can also share screen.

To create areas for collaboration, you are recommended to create a team. The conversations under Posts in the team are visible to everyone in the team and unlike in the chat, the conversations are tied together in threads to keep the current topic together.

In the chat, you communicate in a constant flow while conversations under Posts in teams are divided into threads for easier follow-up in the collaboration. You can use the chat for everyday talk and short conversations, while Posts in teams can be seen as a more formal forum.

Can I move files to another channel or team?

Yes, you can move files. Click on the three dots and then choose Move. You can also open the files in Sharepoint for easier handling of the files.

Can I create “subchannels”?

No, you can only create channels in a team.

Can I change the name of a team?

Yes, it is possible to change the name of a team. Keep in mind that all teams get their own Sharepoint site, these cannot be renamed. This means that when you change the name of your team in Teams, this is just a display name. The Sharepoint site will still retain the original name.

Can I rename a channel?

Yes, it is possible to rename a channel. To do this, click on the three dots and then Edit this channel. Here, too, the original name will remain in the associated document library in Sharepoint.

Why are the team files in Sharepoint?

When you create a team, a Sharepoint is also created in the background. The files are technically stored in Sharepoint, but you can manage them directly in Teams. Sharepoint makes it possible to share files in Office 365.

Can I invite an external participant to Teams?

You can add external people as a guest in Teams. Anyone who has an email account, such as Outlook, Gmail or similar, can join your team as a guest.

What can an external participant (guest) do in a team?

A guest can do everything that other participants in a team can do, except add tabs. The owner of the team can also set whether the guest should be allowed to create channels or not in a team.

Can you add AD groups to a team?

No, at present this is not possible. We hope to be able to offer this in the future.

Why do I not have the AutoSave feature in Word?

It depends on which version of the office suite you have. If you download Office from the portal (o365.umu.se), you will have the opportunity to use Save automatically in Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Can I create folders for files?

Yes, you can build your folder structure just like on your computer. Create folders in the file area for each channel exactly as you want.

Is there any difference to edit from the desktop app or directly in teams?

In the desktop app, you have the opportunity to do more advanced functions. Otherwise, it’s the same thing to edit directly in the Teams or desktop app. If you choose to open in the desktop app and save, it will be saved automatically in the team, so you do not need to download a copy, and all members will have access to your changes.

If you work in the desktop app at the same time as your colleagues, we recommend that you download the Office package from the portal so that you get the function “Save automatically”. You will then, just like in the web, see where your colleagues edit (otherwise you need to save regularly for your colleagues to see your changes).

How do I get notified that something is happening in Teams?

You can set notifications in general for the entire program.

You can also set notifications for specific channels in a team. You can choose how you want to be notified for each channel.

Can students use Microsoft Teams?

Yes, students have access to Office 365.

Can I view previous versions of a document?

Yes, you can see previous versions and even revert to previous versions if you want.

Change primary e-mail for you who are a student

As Umeå University has switched to the new Ladok, it may be that the e-mail address you have used for your studies here is no longer the same as in Ladok. This may affect the ability to receive notifications from Cambro or Moodle. Therefore, you need to log in and check your email address.

Umeå University has switched to a new version of Ladok, the system where your courses, programs, and other information about your studies are stored. There is also your e-mail address.

1. Go to www.umu.se/student and log in with Umu ID

2. Scroll further down the page until you see Shortcuts and click on My Settings

3. Under Contact Details, click Change and can then change your email address and phone number.
Enter the e-mail address you use, Umu-id@student.umu.se or another e-mail address.
NOTE! do NOT write to Umu-id@umu.se or Umu-id@ad.umu.se as these are accounts that cannot receive e-mail.

After that it is clear, the student has done what he is supposed to and the new chosen address is the one that is then used in Cambro and Moodle.

The same e-mail address is also used for the student’s communication with all of the Ladok Consortium’s 37 higher education institutions, if the student is studying or has studied at these.

Install eduroam for Android (Umu wifi)

The guide below shows you how to use the Cisco app to connect to eduroam on campus.
Note that you must be on Umeå University’s campus and have access to Umu wifi to be able to complete the guide.

The simplified installation of eduroam cannot be performed in NUS premises. Installation via the manual method can be done well on NUS.

Start by installing the Cisco Network Setup Assistant from the Play Store .

2. When the installation is complete, go to Wi-Fi and connect to Umu wifi .
If you are not asked to log in, start your browser and open www.umu.se and you will be redirected to the right page. Enter your Umu ID  with password and click Login .

3. Check that the correct system has been selected. Click Start to continue.

4. Enter information about your phone and click Continue .
When you see the link to the play store, click  Get Cisco Network Setup Assistant.
Then launch the Cisco Network Setup Assistant app that was installed in step 1.

5. When the app starts, select Start and Proceed .

6. Select Wi-Fi as the option for the certificate, click OK .
Enter the unlock PIN for your phone if prompted.

7. Make the same selection for the second certificate, Wi-Fi and then OK .

8. If you have Android 10 this will come up.

9. When you see this image, you should now be connected to eduroam.
You can check that the connection was successful during Wi-Fi in system settings.

Configure eduroam for Windows 10 manually

This guide helps you to manually install the certificates needed to connect to eduroam on Windows 10.

Creating and installing eduroam certificates

1. Logon with your UmU-ID at https://www.eduroam.umu.se, click on Create certificate.











2. Add information (as in your name or computer name) about the certificate and click on Create certificate.














3. Copy the password and download the personal and root certificate.













4. Browse to the downloaded files and open UMU-CAROOT-CA2.cer.









5. Choose Local computer and click on Next.
















6. Choose Place all.. and click on Browse.., choose Trusted rootcert.. and click OK.
The dialogwindow closes and then click Next.














7. Choose Yes to install the certificate.

8. Open your personal certificate. (with suffix .pfx)







9. Choose Current User and click on Next.













10. Click Next until your asked to enter a password, paste the password from step 3 and click Next.















11. Click Next and then Done.



Configure Windows 10 to connect using the certificate

Search for available networks and choose eduroam, click on Connect using certificate.