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Starta a meeting in Zoom and invite members via a link

This guide describes how to starta meeting in Zoom, as well as inviting people to join it via a link. Logging in Surf to Click on Host – Start a meeting Log in with your UmuId Scenario 1 – Zooms client program is not installed on your computer If Zoom is not installed on your […]


Download and install Zoom on Android

This guide shows how to install Zoom on Android. Open Google Play to download and install Zoom. Search for Zoom Cloud Meetings and click on Download and install Open the Zoom app and click on Sign In Choose to log in with SSO Type umu as domain and click Continue Choose Umeå University Log in […]


Schedule a Zoom meeting

This guide will walk you through how to schedule a meeting (to be scheduled later). There are two way to schedule a meeting. Either by going through the Zoom client installed on your computer or by logging in through your web browser. This guide describes the latter option. Surf to Click on Log in […]


Connect with a video conferencing system to Zoom

If you have Zoom installed on your computer and you are logged in with Umeå University login information. Step 1. Start a Zoom meeting with the Zoom program by clicking on ” New Meeting” Steg 2. Invite meeting attendees to the meeting by clicking on ”Invite” Steg 3. Click on the tab called ”Invite a […]


Zoom – Record a Meeting

This guide describes how you record a meeting in Zoom Prerequisite: Zoom installed and logged in Click: Start with video Click at the green button Choose your prefered microphone… …and camera Press Record in order to begin recrding Press the Stop button to end your recording The following message shows Press End Meeting… …and End Meeting for all Your recording […]


What is eduroam?

What is eduroam eduroam (spelt with a lower case e) is a collaboration between colleges and universities around the world to make it easier for staff and students to use each others wireless networks. A student, or staff member in eduroam can, with use of their username from their home college or university, log in to […]