Show Closed Caption in a movie in Umu Play

If there is a Closed Caption created to a movie it will show as a icon “CC” at the bottom right corner in the player


1. If you click at the icon, small menu will appear

2. And you can activate the Closed Caption (Swedish in this example)


Now, the Closed Caption is visible in the movie


You can also adjust the appearence of the Closed Caption via the Options menu





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Add and remove members from a SharePoint teamsite

In this manual, we’ll show you how to add and remove members from a SharePoint team site. Note that you must be the owner of the SharePoint team site to add and remove members.

  1. Go to the SharePoint team site you want to add or remove members.
  2. Click on members in the right corner below your profile.
    add or remove members from a sharepoint group - click on members
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    view on where to add or remove members from a sharepoint group